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Template:Attack table

{{Attack table}}
{{Attack table/cell|1|2}}
{{Attack table/cell|1|2}}

To start the learnlist table, first put {{Attack table}} as a header. Then, for each row of information, use {{Attack table/cell}}. To make another row, just follow it with |- and keep adding more /cells. End the table with |}.

Template:Attack table/cell's parameters are as follows:

  • 1 - Replace "1" with the in-game text of the attack
  • 2 - Replace "2" with the attack's effect, such as "120-125 points of damage to one party member", "Paralyzes one party member", "No effect", "Heals an enemy or itself by 40 HP", and so on, as simple examples.

If an attack does not have a set amount of damage and go off of their stats (which is likely), just put "Deals damage to one/all party member(s)", depending on the range of the attack, of course.

Text Effect