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Yo-yos are equippable weapons present in EarthBound and Mother 3, and are usable by all of the human characters in the games. In EarthBound, all of the yo-yos miss 18.75% of the time. Ness also uses a yo-yo in the Super Smash Bros. series for his up and down smash attacks.

List of yo-yos


List of yo-yos in EarthBound
Name Japanese Offense Price Additional effects Where to obtain

Yo-yo ヨーヨー
+6 $29 Lowered accuracy Onett
A so-so weapon.

Trick yo-yo すっごいヨーヨー
Awesome yo-yo
+46 $998 Lowered accuracy Fourside
A tough, strong weapon!

Combat yo-yo コンバットヨーヨー
Combat yo-yo
+54 $1148 Lowered accuracy Deep Darkness
This one rocks, for sure.

Mother 3

List of yo-yos in Mother 3
Name Japanese Offense Price Additional effects Where to find

HandyYo-Yo.png Handy Yo-yo てごろなヨーヨー
Affordable Yo-yo
+20 350 DP Highway
This yo-yo makes a perfect gift or souvenir. Offense +20.

FriendsYo-Yo.png Friend's Yo-yo ともだちのヨーヨー
Friend's Yo-yo
+30 Speed +5
When used as an item, the enemy will applaud
Thunder Tower (guarded by Li'l Miss Marshmallow)
Offense +30. Speed +5.

Weapons in the Mother series
Mother / EarthBound
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Mother 3
BoomerangCanine WeaponYo-yosSlingshotsSpiky Weapon

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