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ウィンターズ Winters

Winters as it appears in EarthBound.

Connected areas
Snow Wood Boarding House
Brick Road Maze
Rainy Circle
Winters White

Winters is a town in EarthBound. It is located in the region of Foggyland. Winters is the hometown of Jeff, one of Ness's allies who accompanies him to defeat Giygas.


Winters is located in Foggyland, a country to the north of Eagleland. The town is covered in snow, and has many trees around it. The northern half of the town is separated from the southern half by a large lake where a sea monster dubbed Tessie lives. The northern half is known for Snow Wood Boarding School, and the town's shop. The southern half has many caves, such as the Brick Road Maze, and Rainy Circle dungeon. Dr. Andonuts's lab is also located in the southern half.

In EarthBound

Concept art of Jeff and Bubble Monkey approaching Lake Tess.

Winters is first introduced to the story after Ness and Paula are locked underneath the graveyard in Threed, when Paula contacts Jeff telepathically to help them. Jeff awoke in Snow Wood Boarding House and knew he had to leave. At this point the player takes control of Jeff and his roommate Tony. After leaving with the Bad key machine, the two are stopped by the gate of the school. Jeff climbs on Tony's back, and the two part ways. Jeff then has to traverse through Winters to get to Threed to rescue the friends he had never met. He goes to his father's lab and take the Sky Runner to Threed.

After rescuing Paula from Geldegarde Monotoli, Ness, Paula and Jeff learn that they must go to Summers to advance their journey. They returned to Threed to repair the damaged Sky Runner so that they could return to Winters to get Dr. Andonuts to modify it so they could travel to Summers. While doing so, the group went to investigate a cave near Stonehenge. There, they fought Shrooom! to get the melody of Rainy Circle.

Later, the group had to return to Winters to help save Apple Kid. They then teleported to Winters, and had to go down the same path that Jeff had to take originally to get to Dr. Andonuts's lab, where Apple Kid was last. Ness and his friends will find much stronger enemies than Jeff had at first. After making it to the lab, Apple Kid's mouse will hand over the Eraser eraser to get into Stonehenge base. After saving everyone from the Starman DX, they returned to Dr. Andonuts's lab. From that point on, Winters is not necessary to go to again.


Winters Shop

Winters Shop
Mr Fork.gif
Name Price Effect
T-rex's bat $698 Weapon for Ness
Non-stick frypan $1490 Weapon for Paula
Coin of silence $2500 Defensive equipment for everybody
Picnic lunch $24 Restores about 80 HP
Skip sandwich DX $98 Restores about 6 HP; walking speed is greatly boosted for about twenty seconds
Lucky sandwich $128 Restores a varying amount of HP
Cup of coffee $6 Restores about 12 HP

Cave Boy's shop

Cave Boy's shop
Name Price Effect
Double burger $24 Restores about 90 HP
Picnic lunch $24 Restores about 80 HP
Fresh egg $12 Restores 84 HP
After a while, it will hatch into a Chick
Cup of coffee $6 Restores about 12 HP
Secret herb $380 Heals most status ailments


First visit

  • Pak of Bubble gum

Third visit

  • Eraser eraser


First visit

Sprite Enemy name Notes
CaveBoyOverworld.png Cave Boy Always drops a Picnic lunch
GruffGoatOverworld.png Gruff Goat 16/128 chance of dropping a Salt packet
RunawayDogOverworld.gif Runaway Dog 64/128 chance of dropping a Bread roll
SpitefulCrowOverworld.gif Spiteful Crow Always drops a Cookie

Second and third visits

Sprite Enemy name Notes
CaveBoyOverworld.png Cave Boy 4/128 chance of dropping a Double burger
EB Diamond Shaped Enemy sprite.png Lesser Mook 2/128 chance of dropping a PSI caramel
MightyBearOverworld.png Mighty Bear Seven 1/128 chance of dropping a Super plush bear
EB Diamond Shaped Enemy sprite.png Whirling Robo 1/128 chance of dropping a Meteotite
EB Diamond Shaped Enemy sprite.png Wooly Shambler 2/128 chance of dropping a Multi bottle rocket

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