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Administrators are an advanced form of user with several extra abilities. Administrators are promoted from a regular user by a bureaucrat and from then on they police through edits, weeding out the bad ones. While administrators should be contacted about wiki questions, please do not contact the Abuse filter administrator; it is only a Media Wiki extension.

Administrator Abilities

Administrators have three major abilities that regular users do not have; block, delete and protect. Blocking is the act of removing a user's power to edit pages and banning them from doing anything for a set amount of time as punishment for breaking the rules. Administrators can also unblock users if the block was unfair. Deleting is taking away an article from the wiki because it was not satisfactory or because it was made as a vandalism article, restoration is another administrator ability and brings back deleted articles.

Protection is the third major administrator ability and it allows an administrator to change the protection level of a page - everybody, logged-in users only or administrators only. An administrator would protect an article if the article is not for the general public to edit or if it is a target of much vandalism. Other administrator abilities include rollbacking, or undoing multiple edits, editing the mediawiki interface and renaming users.

Current Administrators

There are several current administrators on the WikiBound; you can view a full list of them at this link.

How to Become an Administrator

Becoming an Administrator requires a lot of dedicated work on the articles on the WikiBound and a vast knowledge of wikicoding. Administrators must know you are trustworthy and able to help the wiki out before giving you the ability to block other users. The bureaucrats will select the administrators out of the active users on the wiki, do not ask to be promoted - it will come in due time.


Position Current User(s)
Owner Tacopill
Editor-in-Chief Tina
Other Admins Miles of SmashWiki GeneticistVarik

Tech Support

These users contribute on the server side of Wikibound. They do tasks such as updating the website and server side maintenance.

Tech Support Positions

Position Current User(s)
Owner Tacopill
System Admin TBD
Other GeneticistVarik

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