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I'm mostly going to be semi-active and/or inactive here, if you want to contact me, go to my SmashWiki talk page. To add on to this, I have school, so expect significantly less edits from me. Thanks. :-)

Real name: Agent 4
Looking cool VEEMO
Appears in SmashWiki, Nookipedia
Residence Inkopolis
Relatives Every Octoling
Signature weapon Hero Charger Replica

Oh hi, Welcome to my lazily made userpage. You might know me as S3AHAWK in Splatoon 2, or that punk on SmashWiki. NOW WHERE IS MY HERO CHARGER REPLICA BECAUSE I CANT USE PSI?

If you want to talk to me, I prefer going to my SmashWiki talk page unless its about earthbound (duh). If you want to play Splatoon 2 with me, my FC is 6175-0343-9717. (goodbye)

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