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User:Cookies and Creme

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Cookies and Creme
' '
Gender Male
Age 18
Appears in the real world
Signature weapon My mouse
Non-PSI ability Sleeping

Hello, I'm Cookies and Creme. I am a huge fan of the Mother/EarthBound series, and I do have a relatively high knowledge about the game. I first learned about EarthBound not through Smash, but from TheJWittz's video on Mother-Pokémon similarities. I wouldn't touch the game until the summer of 2016, when I completed the game on an emulator. Since then, I've played through the game three times, as well as Mother 3 twice and EarthBound Beginnings once. I'm a loyal Ness player as well, using him as my main/co-main in Smash 4 and Ultimate.

Anyways, I'll be on here relatively infrequently, so so if you want to contact me leave a message on my talk page on SmashWiki.

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