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ツーソン Twoson

A full view of Twoson.

Connected areas
Burglin Park
Polestar Preschool
Peaceful Rest Valley
Boy Meets Girl

Twoson is a town in EarthBound. It is located in the region of Eagleland, being south of Onett. To the east of the town is Happy Happy Village and southeast is the town of Threed. Twoson is the hometown of Paula. Its name may be a pun on the real-life city of Tucson, Arizona.


Twoson has various buildings, including a Department store. Another attraction is the bicycle shop, where the Photo-Man will also take a picture of Ness if he tries to go inside it. Polestar Preschool is the only school that can be found in the town, and it is run by Paula's parents. Another attraction for the city is Chaos Theater, where the Runaway Five and many other bands used to perform.


In EarthBound, the route from Onett to Twoson was originally blocked by roadblocks, but Ness defeats the Onett police force, and makes Captain Strong open the road to it. When Ness arrives at the town, he goes to Polestar Preschool. Here, he learns the owners' daughter, Paula, had a dream about Ness. He decides to rest in the hotel of the town. In it, Ness gets a dream to go to Paula. He goes on the journey, has Paula join him in his party, and then comes back to the town. He now goes to the Chaos Theater, and buys a ticket to see the Runaway Five perform. He also gets a backstage pass and goes backstage. He learns of the band's unhappiness with the theater, and decides to help. He goes to the theater's runner, Mr. Poochyfud, and pays off the debt the band amassed to the theater. The band, ecstatic about their freedom, allows Ness and Paula to ride with them to the town of Threed.


Department store

Burger shop
Burger Lady EB.gif
Name Price Effect
Can of fruit juice $4 Restores about 6 HP.
Bread roll $6 Restores about 30 HP.
Bag of fries $8 Restores about 24 HP.
Hamburger $14 Restores about 48 HP.

Baker EB.gif
Name Price Effect
Cookie $7 Restores about 6 HP.
Bread roll $12 Restores about 30 HP.
Skip sandwich $38 Restores about 6 HP;
walking speed is greatly boosted for about 10 seconds.
Lucky sandwich $108 Restores a varying amount of HP.

Business Lady EB.gif
Name Price Effect
Cold remedy $22 Cures a cold.
Teddy bear $178 Can take damage for the holder or their party members in battle.

Mr Fork.gif
Name Price Effect
Tee ball bat $48 Weapon for Ness.
Fry pan $56 Weapon for Paula.
Slingshot $89 Weapon for everybody.
Cheap bracelet $98 Defensive gear for everybody.
Baseball cap $19 Defensive gear for Ness.
Ribbon $89 Defensive gear for Paula.

Burglin Park

Main article: Burglin Park

Twoson Hotel

The Twoson Hotel charges $50 per person for a one-night stay.


Reviving an unconscious party member is $100. The healer at the hospital charges $80 for softening diamondization, $70 for healing paralysis, and $60 for exorcising ghosts. A checkup for other status effects by the doctor is $30.


  Enemy name Notes
AnnoyingOldPartyManOverworld.png Annoying Old Party Man 2/128 chance of dropping a Protein drink
CrookedCopOverworld.png Cop 16/128 chance of dropping a Hamburger
CrankyLadyOverworld.png Cranky Lady 2/128 chance of dropping a Handbag strap
MobileSproutOverworld.gif Mobile Sprout 4/128 chance of dropping a Croissant
NewAgeRetroHippieOverworld.png New Age Retro Hippie 8/128 chance of dropping a Ruler
MushroomEnemyOverworld.gif Ramblin' Evil Mushroom 8/128 chance of dropping a Ketchup packet
RunawayDogOverworld.gif Runaway Dog 4/128 chance of dropping a Bread roll and appears with Cop
UnassumingLocalGuyOverworld.png Unassuming Local Guy 16/128 chance of dropping a Toothbrush
EverdredOverworld.gif Everdred Fought once in Burglin Park

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