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Strawberry tofu

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Strawberry Tofu
Strawberry Tofu as it appears in Mother 3

Strawberry Tofu (いちごとうふ Strawberry Tofu) is a recurring item in the EarthBound series that is often used during certain events. This food item is often anticipated by characters in the series as it is regarded as a popular dessert in big cities.

In EarthBound Beginnings

Strawberry Tofu as it appears in the Mother Encyclopedia

The item makes its debut in all versions of EarthBound Beginnings. Due to the character limit, in the western release it appears as berry Tofu in the inventory. It heals around 10 HP and can be bought for $975 on the third floor of the department store in Reindeer. Its secondary use is to be given to AbleBaker and a doctor, who all live on an island which only can be reached via the Look-Out Tower near Ellay, as they are interested in tasting it. If given to Able, he will thank Ninten by giving him Swear Words; if given to Baker, he will share information about a fantastic robot that lies at the bottom of a lake near the summit of Mount Itoi; and if given to the doctor, he will give Ninten Words of Love.

One Strawberry Tofu can be found in the room of Queen Mary's Castle where six presents are located, and where only one present can be opened, as the content of the others will disappear; the tofu is located in the most southeasterly located present.

A boy in the leftmost room on the second floor of Twinkle Elementary School mentions that Strawberry Tofu is popular in big cities and that he would like to taste some. However, nothing will happen if the player tries to give him any.

In-game description

"If you really want to eat it OK, but..." 

In EarthBound

Strawberry Tofu returns in the Japanese version of the game. although despite being unchanged in all versions if EarthBound Beginnings, in the western version of EarthBound it was changed to Trout Yoghurt. The reason for the change is unknown, although the reason could be due to tofu's lack of popularity in the west compared to Japan. After the player leaves Moonside, the get a call from Apple Kid that he made a "gourmet yoghurt machine" that can only make Trout Yoghurt and sends it to the player through the "neglected class" of Escargo Express, who loses it in the desert, then Monotoli's maid Electra arrives and tells the player she is extremely desperate for Trout Yoghurt. Once the player recieves it from Talah Rama, they return to Fourside to give the machine to Electra, who gives the player Trout Yoghurt when spoken to in the Monotoli building.

Much like its counterpart in EarthBound Beginnings, it heals very low HP when eaten, only around 30 HP. Trout Yoghurt cannot be purchased anywhere else in the game.

In-game description

"A fashionable treat for snobby, haute cuisine people in some big cities. When eaten, you recover about 30 HP."

In Mother 3

As with the previous games, Strawberry Tofu can be found un Mother 3. The English fan translation also leaves it as Strawberry Tofu. One major change is that unlike the previous games, it does not have any special events associated with it, nor can it be given to NPCs. Instead it recovers much more HP compared to the previous games, about 120 HP, making it a decent recovery item. Strawberry Tofu can be purchased in Saturn Valley's shop for 180 DP.

In-game description

"A stylish dessert. Restores 120 HP"

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