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スリーク Threek

Threed during the zombie infestation, in EarthBound.

Connected areas
Grapefruit Falls
Dusty Dunes Desert
One Day For Sure

Threed is the third town visited in EarthBound, after Onett and Twoson. A tunnel separates it and Twoson, but the party couldn't cross it due to ghosts residing in it. They finally get there after Ness pays the Runaway Five's debt to Poochyfud. They take the team in their tour bus and drop them off near the drug store. A man selling guns can be found here.


Threed hosts its very own Drug Store, and also hosts a pizzeria, a hospital, and a circus up in the north part of it. Moving east takes the party to the cemetery. It is also in the cemetery that the party finds zombies.


When Ness and Paula arrive in Threed, they find the town infested with zombies, ghosts and possessed objects. When they go to the graveyard to investigate it, they find two zombies blocking a path. When returning to the town they see a strange woman near the hotel. When they try to talk to her she runs inside. The two then follow her into a room full of zombies. Ness and Paula then awake inside a dark room, with the only exit locked. Paula then uses telepathy to contact Jeff, a boy in Winters, to come to help them.

When Jeff crashes the Sky Runner into the ground and falls into the room Ness and Paula are in, he uses the Bad key machine to unlock the door so they can escape. The three of them then head to the southern portion of Threed, where they engage a battle with the Boogey Tent, and receive the Jar of Fly Honey. Soon after, Ness gets a call from Apple Kid, saying that he has come up with a new invention, Zombie paper, that should help them. Apple Kid sends the Zombie paper to Ness through a Mach Pizza delivery man. Ness then spreads the paper inside the circus tent to attract and trap the zombies. After spending the night in the now uninfested hotel, they find the town's zombies stuck to the floor of the circus tent. The path to Grapefruit Falls is then accessible for Ness, Paula, and Jeff, as the zombies blocking the way have fallen victim to the Zombie paper.

The three of them return to Threed in a later segment of the game, where they repair the Sky Runner in order to return to Winters.


Threed Drugstore

Threed Drugstore
Mr Fork.gif
Name Price Effect
Cold Remedy $22 Heals cold
Vial of Serum $58 Heals poison
Refreshing Herb $80 Heals most status aliments
Toothbrush $3 Useless
Calorie Stick $18 Restores about 60 HP
Minor league bat $399 Restores about 60 HP
Thick fry pan $198 Can be equipped by Paula
Hard Hat $298 Can be equipped
Insecticide Spray $19 Damages insect enemies
Copper bracelet $349 Can be equipped

Threed Bakery

Threed Bakery
Baker EB.gif
Name Price Effect
Cookie $7 Restores about 6 HP
Bread roll $12 Restores about 30 HP
Croissant $18 Restores about 60 HP
Skip sandwich $38 Restores about 6 HP; walking speed is greatly boosted for about ten seconds
Lucky sandwich $128 Restores a varying amount of HP
Can of fruit juice $4 Restores about 6 HP
Cup of coffee $6 Restores about 12 HP

Threed Arms Dealer

Threed Arms Dealer [[File:|left]]
Name Price Effect
Toy air gun $215 Equipped by Jeff
Bomb $128 Deals damage when thrown
Bottle Rocket $29 Deals 90-150 damage when used by Jeff
Rust Promoter $89 Damages metallic enemies

Threed Sunset Hotel

The hotel in Threed is $60 per person.


Reviving an unconscious party member is $120. The healer at the hospital charges $90 for softening diamondization, $80 for healing paralysis, and $70 for exorcising ghosts. A checkup for other status effects by the doctor is $40.


Sprite Enemy name Notes
EB Coil Snake Overworld sprite.png Coil Snake 4/128 chance of dropping a Cookie
HandsomeTomOverworld.png Handsome Tom 8/128 chance of dropping a Tin of Cocoa
NoGoodFlyOverworld.png No Good Fly Only in tunnel to Grapefruit Falls; 4/128 chance of dropping a Boiled egg
PutridMoldymanOverworld.png Putrid Moldyman 4/128 chance of dropping a croissant
PutridMoldymanOverworld.png Smelly Ghost 8/128 chance of dropping a Broken iron
HandsomeTomOverworld.png Smilin' Sam 4/128 chance of dropping a Refressing herb
TrickOrTreatKidOverworld.png Trick or Trick Kid 4/128 chance of dropping a Bomb
ZombieOverworld.png Urban Zombie 4/128 chance of dropping a Hamburger
ZombieDogOverworld.png Zombie Dog 4/128 chance of dropping a Bottle rocket
ZombiePossessorOverworld.png Zombie Possessor 2/128 chance of dropping a Secret herb
BoogeyTent.gif Boogey Tent Boss; appears once Jeff joins party
MiniBarfOverworld.png Mini Barf Boss in tunnel to Grapefruit Falls


The sign for Threek in the Japanese version (left) was changed to Threed in the American version (right).
The sign for Threek in the Japanese version (left) was changed to Threed in the American version (right).
The sign for Threek in the Japanese version (left) was changed to Threed in the American version (right).
  • Threed's name comes from the number three, making it the second-to-last town in a pattern of numbers, starting with Onett and ending with Fourside.
  • The more direct translation of Threed is Threek. This, alongside the sprite for Insane Cultist was changed in localization to remove references to the Ku Klux Klan.
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