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トマス Thomas
Thomas's sprite from Mother 3.
Gender Male
Appears in Mother 3
First chapter Chapter 1
Residence Tazmily Village
Relatives Lisa (wife)
Mike (father)
Nichol (son)
Richie (daughter)
Occupation Fireman/Store Owner

Thomas is a character in Mother 3. He lives in Tazmily Village is a fireman, and the owner of Thomas's Bazaar, where the player can take/buy several things. He is the husband of Lisa and father of Nichol and Richie.

In Mother 3

In Chapter 1

Thomas is first seen after the Pigmasks set the Sunshine Forest on fire, he runs to Flint and asks him for help, before joining him as a non-playable party member. He leaves Flint after they find Lighter lying on the ground of the burning forest. Once Lighter is tended to, Thomas can be seen running around the village square, sounding his siren until the next day. He mans his bazaar for the remainder of the chapter, Chapter 2, and Chapter 3 with his father, Mike.

In Chapter 4

Thomas now works in the Factory, as his father has been placed into the retirement home, and his son now reluctantly runs his bazaar, which has adopted the new DP system. Once Lucas and Boney make it into Club Titiboo, they order water. Thomas makes fun of their order and instead sends them a Fizzy Soda and Big City Cola via Violet. Thomas is last seen this chapter enjoying the DCMC encore.

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