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Tenda Village

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Tenda Village
グミぞくの村 Gumi Tribe's Village

Tenda Village
The main room of the Tenda Village.

Connected areas
Deep Darkness
Lumine Hall
Listen, You

Tenda Village is the home of the Tenda tribe, though some also appear in the Lost Underworld. Tenda Village is accessed through Deep Darkness, and has the entrance to Lumine Hall within. However, due to the Tendas' shyness, the book Overcoming Shyness must be retrieved and shown to the village elder first.

The village has a free hotel and hot spring. After the Tendas become less shy, one will run a store where items can be obtained by bartering them for Horns of life.

Price Item
1st Horn of life Plain roll
2nd Horn of life Plain yogurt
3rd Horn of life Plain roll
4th Horn of life Spicy jerky
5th Horn of life Bag of Dragonite
6th Horn of life Talisman coin
7th Horn of life Hall of fame bat

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