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Tazmily Village

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Tazmily Village
タツマイリむら Tazmily Village

Tazmily Village
Tazmily Village pre-Chapter 4.
Tazmily Village
Tazmily Village from Chapter 4 onward.

Nowhere Islands
Connected areas
Cerulean Beach
Cross Road
Old Man's Paradise
Yado Inn

Tazmily Village, also known as Tazumili Village,[1] is a town in Mother 3, located in the Nowhere Islands. It consists of a main town square with outlying homes around the outside and in Sunshine Forest, with dirt paths and an old-western atmosphere. In Chapter 4, these dirt paths are replaced by roads and houses and businesses are expanded to become a modern setting.

In Mother 3

In Chapter 1

In panic because the Sunshine Forest is on fire, Thomas runs around the entire village in the night and wakes everyone to warn them. After getting Flint, Thomas and Flint get a map from Mapson and head north to do something about the fire.

In Chapter 2

When Duster heads through the Village to infiltrate Osohe Castle for an important item for Wess, he passes Butch who has money, although he doesn't know what is intended to be used for. He knows it is valuable and hides it in the well, a secret he only tells Duster.

In Chapter 3

Upon Fassad and Salsa's arrival to the village, which takes place concurrently with Chapter 2, they bump into Duster, and overhear where Butch hides the money. Salsa and Fassad stay at the Yado Inn during the Chapter, where Fassad sets forth plots for the Pigmask Army. During the first night at the Inn, Fassad heads out while Salsa is supposed to be sleeping. Salsa follows him, where he overhears something about Osohe Castle and a villager sneaking into the castle at night. Fassad then takes the money Butch hid in the well. The next day, Fassad forces Salsa to do tricks and pretend to be a performance duo, threatening him with the Punishizer if he does not comply. Fassad's speech begins telling the villagers he foresees lightning strikes that will soon plague Tazmily Village affecting villagers who do not buy a Happy Box. Salsa is then forced to deliver Happy Boxes to four villagers; Abbot, Abbey, Biff, and Isaac. After infiltrating Osohe Castle, when they return to the village, Fassad sees a fight beginning, and Kumatora uses Telepathy to read Salsa's thoughts. Fassad and Salsa then rest at the Yado Inn another night. That night, Kumatora and Wess rescue Salsa and destroy Fassad's Punishizer, just before Fassad brings his troops. Cornering them, Salsa and his party flee north the the Sunshine Forest.

In Chapter 4

A now-modernized Tazmily is plagued by lightning strikes in homes of people who do not own a Happy Box. Lucas overhears that the bassist of the DCMC looks a lot like Duster. Fassad, giving a speech in the town square, is yelled at by Wess, who is promptly attacked by a Pigmask with a bug-catching net and taken back to the Old Man's Paradise. Lucas visits him, and tells him about the DCMC bassist. Because the Pigmask Army is keeping a close eye on Wess, he asks Lucas to go to Club Titiboo through the Railway and find out if it truly is Duster or not.

In Chapter 7

At the beginning of Chapter 7, Ionia is found tied up and left on a bridge. After being untied, Ionia takes Lucas to Aeolia's house, where the first of the Seven Needles is pulled. Towards the end of the chapter, a large majority of the villagers have moved to New Pork City, and all the remaining villagers are thinking about moving there as well.


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