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Talk:Magicant (EarthBound Beginnings)

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As you know Magicant appears in both EarthBound Beginnings and EarthBound, and despite having the same name, the two are not the same place: Beginnings's Magicant is Maria's, EarthBound's is Ness's. The two also have a different purpose: Beginnings's is to collect the eight melodies and sing them to Queen Mary, while for Ness it's to defeat all evil within his mind. They also have a completely different appearence, as Beginnings's appears as somewhat as a fairy-taleish look with pink clouds and seashell like architecture, EarthBound's is more like a surreal, colorful imaginary world.

Now besides the name, one thing similar between the two is they are both inside the persons' mind, however there're still different in a way to, as Beginnings's Magicant is a real place created by Maria's mind, but EarthBound's is within Ness's dream.

So as a result I believe we should split the page as despite having the same name, they are not the same place. Supα Toαd 64 SupaToad64Sig.jpg 07:17, 15 December 2019 (UTC)

It's been more than a month and no one's responded let alone disagreed, so I guess I'll split it soon unless someone disagrees. Supα Toαd 64 SupaToad64Sig.jpg 23:30, 30 January 2020 (UTC)
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