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サマーズ Summers

Summers as seen in EarthBound.

Connected areas
Private Breeze

Summers is a town in EarthBound. It is located in the Foggyland region, and is next to the port town of Toto. In the town are typical buildings, such as a hospital, a shop, a hotel, as well as other buildings like the Stoic Club, its own restaurant, and a museum. South of the main street is a beach where the occasional enemy can be fought. Residents are shown to have a French accent. Ness, Paula and Jeff arrive here after crashing the Sky Runner during their trip from Winters.


The town has two main areas: the beach, and the street. The street is lined with buildings and palm trees. To the east is the town of Toto.


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Name Price
Big league bat $3080
Chef's fry pan $1198
Lucky coin $6000
Gold bracelet $2799
Platinum band $6899
Diamond band $9998
Super plush bear $1198


Name Price
Chef's special $298
Pasta di Summers $128
Kraken soup $648
Royal iced tea $78
Can of fruit juice $4
Cup of coffee $6

Gelato Cart

Name Price
Gelato de Resort $49

Magic Tart Cart

Name Price
Magic Tart $480

L'hotel du Summer

L'hotel du Summer, alternatively L'hotel de Summers, is the hotel of Summers, which charges $150 per person for a one-night stay.


Reviving an unconscious party member is $180. The healer at the hospital charges $120 for softening diamondization, $110 for healing paralysis, and $100 for exorcising ghosts. A checkup for other status effects by the doctor is $70.


Town area

Sprite Enemy name Notes
CrazedSignOverworld.png Crazed Sign 2/128 chance of dropping a Big bottle rocket
MadTaxiOverworld.png Mad Taxi 1/128 chance of dropping an Xterminator spray

Beach area

Sprite Enemy name Notes
MolePlayingRoughOverworld.png Mole Playing Rough 4/128 chance of dropping a Croissant
OverZealousCopOverworld.png Over Zealous Cop 4/128 chance of dropping a Double Burger
ToughGuyOverworld.png Tough Guy 32/128 chance of dropping a Chick

Cultural Museum

Sprite Enemy name Notes
SarcophagusEnemyOverworld.png Shattered Man Two total; 64/128 chance of dropping a Mummy wrap

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