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ハロウイーンの町 Halloween Town

Spookane as it appears in EarthBound Beginnings.

Connected areas
Rosemary's house

Spookane is a town in EarthBound Beginnings. The western portion of the town has been abandoned and is covered with hostile creatures during the course of the game. It's also infamous for having a ghost house, where the fourth melody can be found within. Spookane has a population of 15 individuals, an average temperature of 18°C, and its main industries are mining and commerce.[1]


Spookane is divided into two areas: the Spookane Downtown to the west, and the Spookane Residential to the east.

Spookane Downtown

The Spookane Downtown consists of ten multi-level buildings and a train station. The area is filled with several hostile creatures and is therefore unpopulated, though the hotel and the hospital are open for business and are also the only buildings which can be entered in this portion of the town. If Ninten and his friends choose to stay a night at the hotel, the hotel worker will be revealed to be a a Starman when they awaken the day after, and once he has been defeated the hotel will be left abandoned.

Spookane Residential

All the inhabitants reside in the Spookane Residential, which consists of eight villas and the Rosemary's house, which lies in the northern outskirts of the residential area, often being referred to as a ghost house. None of the buildings except for the Rosemary's house can be entered, so Ninten can only interact with the people outside. Several inhabitants talk and give information about the ghost house and the monsters which have taken over half of the town; there's also a boy who mentions that a ghost has appeared in his house, but that it decided to leave because of the limited size of his room. In the northwestern part of the Spookane Residential, a jolly and humming postman can also be found wondering what the Rosemarys' new address is; a girl who presumably is the daughter of the Rosemarys, who is standing on a cliff nearby, tells Ninten to tell the postman that the Rosemarys have moved far away. The Rosemarys themselves can be found in the eastern part of the town and mention that they've chosen to live outside as a result of the ghosts that have started to appear in their house. Their son, Buggerror Rosemary, has been renamed to whatever name the player has chosen to give Ninten because of unknown reasons. The mother will give Ninten the key to her house in hope that he'll bring the building into a normal state again.

A woman in the center of the residential area will give Ninten three hints for $1000 each. In her first hint she will reveal the whereabouts of the fourth melody, in her second one she'll tell about the individual who will give Ninten the item to make Ana join his party, and in her third one she tells him about a guitar player in Magicant who reveals the location of all the eight melodies.


Spookane is the sixth biggest, or second smallest, settlement in the game, featuring an area of 7,097 square meters,[1] only surpassing Snowman. Several portions of the town are affected by cliffs, which also is what primarily surrounds the town. Snowman is located to the east of Spookane, and can be reached through a cave to the north of the area where the two main parts of Spookane separates, which one more easily can get through by taking a train. To the west is Reindeer, which is a town Ninten must pass by in order to reach Spookane.


When arriving at Spookane, the party notices how the entire western part of the town has been abandoned by the residents and is instead infested by several enemies. The hospital is one of the few buildings Ninten can enter, and he can optionally choose to stay the night for a surprisingly low price. Ninten and his party will however the next day be attacked by the hotel employee who is revealed to be a Starman. After the fight, the party won't be able to stay at the hotel anymore as there's no worker left to keep the business running.

It is in the eastern part of the town where all of the citizens have gathered. They're all located outside of the remaining households, which is because of ghosts that are causing disorder among the citizens. There's also a ghost house present in the outskirts of the town, which is notorious because of the ghost-like creatures that have appeared inside of it. The family who once lived in the house can be found in the eastern portion of the residential area, and the mother of the family will give Ninten the Ghost House Key, which gives access to their house, while hoping that he will deal with the problems occurring there. When Ninten enters the ghost house in the northeastern part of the town, he'll meet a mouse at the entrance who hints him about a piano located somewhere in the building. After getting through the maze-like set of rooms and occasionally being told by an eerie voice to head back, Ninten will get to the room containing a piano. After checking the piano, it will begin playing by itself and Ninten will thus memorize the fourth melody.



The hotel in Spookane charges $6 per person (can only be made use of once).


The hospital in Spookane charges $78 per person for a treatment. No revival option is available.

Train station

The train station in Spookane offers rides to three different stations for a constant price per person. If a character is unconscious, they are excluded when calculating the total cost for riding a train.

Station Price
Union Station $25
Reindeer $9
Snowman $11



  Enemy name Notes
Barbot.gif Barbot None
Bear.gif Bear None
Cougar.gif Cougar None
Eagle.gif Eagle None
LilSaucer.gif Lil Saucer None
Skunk.gif Skunk None
Wolf.gif Wolf None
StarmanM1.gif Starman Can only be met once at the hotel. May drop a PSI Stone.


Map of Spookane from Encyclopedia Mother.
Image of Spookane from Encyclopedia Mother.


  • Spookane is likely a portmanteau of the words "spook", a reference to the ghosts haunting the town, and "Spokane", which is an actual city in America.


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