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スノーマンの町 Snowman Town

Snowman as it appears in Mother.

Connected areas
Snowman Chateau

Snowman is a small town in EarthBound Beginnings. It is known for being Ana's hometown, and for its cold climate. Snowman has a population of 15 individuals, an average temperature of 5°C, and its main industries are forestry and agriculture.[1]


In Snowman, some people mention the persons gone missing in Youngtown;[2] a father and daughter located at the town's train station express concern over the mother of the family, who they have not heard from since she left for Youngtown.[3][4] An individual who claims to be clairvoyant can be found outside of the train station, who predicts that the party will return to Union Station, which they later do when heading to Yucca Desert. Inside the town, a girl says that her grandfather lives in Yucca Desert, and asks Ninten to say hello to him if he ever would meet him;[5] she is likely referring to the man who gives the party a tank in exchange for ten Ticket Stubs. A man in the town also mentions Yucca Desert, as he asks Ninten to say hello to the bones of a camel in the desert, whom he once knew.[6] Three male individuals who are dressed in blue in the town will affect Ninten with a cold when interacted with. Several people also mention Ana, and the fact that she lives in a chateau.[7][8][9]

When calling Ninten's father with the telephone located in the house of the town's healer, who lives in the northern portion of Snowman, his father will, unlike via other telephones, ask for the name of the player when first using it. It will then function as an ordinary save point.


Snowman is the smallest settlement in the game, featuring an area of 2,394 square meters.[1] The town consists of seventeen buildings, including the train station and the Snowman Chateau. Only five buildings are however accessible, being the town's drug store, inn, and train station, and also the house of a healer and the Snowman Chateau. The town is entirely blanketed in snow; the town does however feature several leaf-covered trees and visible patches of grass, although all of them are yellow in color. North of the train station resides the town's only coniferous tree, which is surrounded by unusually large patches of grass. Mountains also isolate the town, and it can thus only be accessed via the train tunnel. Snowman and Youngtown are the only towns in the game (excluding the town area in Magicant) that features no walkways.

To the west of the town lies Spookane, which only can be reached by first going through a train tunnel.


Ninten and Lloyd go to Snowman after obtaining a hat from an elderly woman at the train station of Reindeer, who thinks that it belongs to a girl in Snowman. When entering Snowman, the two of them go to the eastern outskirts of the town, where they meet a young girl and her father inside a chateau. The girl remarks on how Ninten looks like a boy who has appeared in one of her dreams, and after having the hat given to her, she confirms Ninten's identity and explains how she needs his assistance in order to find her missing mother. After briefly saying goodbye to her father, the girl, named Ana, joins Ninten's and Lloyd's party.

During the game's ending sequence, Ana returns to Snowman, as her mother has been rescued due to the defeat of Giegue.


Drug store

Drug Store
Name Price Effect
Bread $30 Restores 20 HP; Can be made into Bread Crumbs.
Mouthwash $175 Recovers from cold.
Life Up Cream $194 Completely recovers HP.
Frying Pan $300 Weapon for Ana.


The inn in Snowman charges $125 per person.


Instead of a hospital like in most larger towns, Snowman has a healer, who charges $52 to "refresh" a party member (restore all PP) and $88 to "soften" a party member (cure Stone status ailment). When first using the telephone within the healer's house, Ninten's father asks the player about their name.

Train station

The train station in Reindeer offers rides to three different stations for a constant price per person. If a character is unconscious, they are excluded when calculating the total cost for riding a train.

Station Price
Union Station $36
Reindeer $20
Spookane $11


  Enemy name Notes
BigFoot.gif Big Foot None
LoneWolf.gif Lone Wolf None
PolarBear.gif Polar Bear None
LoneWolf.gif Silver Wolf None


Snowman's theme as it is heard in Mother 3.

Snowman's song is a recurring one within the EarthBound series. An arrangement of it is heard in EarthBound in the cutscene introducing Jeff and while he and Tony are in the Snow Wood Boarding House. The song reappears on Snowcap Mountain in Mother 3, as well as on the Mother 3+ soundtrack; a variation on the Mother 3+ version also appears in the Super Smash Bros. Series from Brawl onward.


Map of Snowman from Encyclopedia Mother.
Image of Snowman from Encyclopedia Mother.


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