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The Pyramid
ピラミッド Pyramid

The Pyramid
The Pyramid, and the puzzle required to enter it, as they appear in EarthBound.

Connected areas

The Pyramid is a location in EarthBound. It is located south of Scaraba in the Chommo region. Located in the northern half of the Scaraban Desert, it is the only link to the southern half, where Dungeon Man resides. To enter it, Ness must step on the pressure pads in front of the Pyramid in the formation of a star.

In EarthBound

The Pyramid can only be entered after getting the Hieroglyph Piece in the museum in Summers. After reaching the Pyramid in the Scaraban Desert, Ness and his friends use the Hieroglyphs to learn how to enter. Upon entering, Ness and his friends find many Mummies and living Hieroglyphics. At the end of the Pyramid, Ness and friends find the Hawk eye, an essential item for getting through a dark swamp up ahead. After exiting, Poo is asked to momentarily leave the group to learn the power of the Starstorm by the Star Master.



Sprite Enemy name Notes
ViolentRoachOverworld.png Arachnid!!! 4/128 chance of dropping a Beef jerky
FierceShatteredManOverworld.png Fierce Shattered Man 64/128 chance of dropping a Mummy wrap
GuardianHieroglyphOverworld.png Guardian Hieroglyph 8/128 chance of dropping a Pharaoh's curse
LethalAsp.png Lethal Asp Hieroglyph 4/128 chance of dropping a Pharaoh's curse
SarcophagusEnemyOverworld.png Petrified Royal Guard 4/128 chance of dropping a Sudden guts pill
SarcophagusEnemyOverworld.png Guardian General Boss


  • Although it is called The Pyramid, there are many Pyramids in the Scaraban desert.

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