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Playable character Lucas
Main party Lucas
Main locations Mt. Oriander

The prologue of Mother 3 is the first playable part of the game, occurring directly after the player chooses names for Lucas's family, his favorite food and his favorite thing.


The prologue starts out with Lucas, Claus and Hinawa visiting Alec, Hinawa's father and the twins' grandparents, up in the mountains. While Claus is playing with the Dragos outside, Lucas wakes up late and later joins him. After play-fighting with the Dragos, though, a Mole Cricket shows up and challenges them to a battle. The twins team up to fight it, and the mole cricket soon retreats. After the battle, the mole cricket also offers them to join in on duels at the Mole Cricket Stadium when they get older and stronger. Hinawa then comes outside, telling the brothers that lunch is ready, but accidentally steps on the mole cricket while walking over to where they were playing.

Soon, after lunch is finished, Hinawa steps outside to write a letter to her husband, Flint. She writes about how the visit had been, and that they were going to head back home this evening. Hinawa attaches the letter to a carrier pigeon as a suspicious object passes by the house, and the prologue ends.

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  • If Lucas rams into where Hinawa is sitting in the house, she'll say "Ow! I surrender! I surrender!" and give him some Nut Bread, the only obtainable item in this chapter.
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