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Pork Bean

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Pork Bean

The Pork Bean (Japanese: ポークビーン Pork Bean) is a method of transportation that is used mainly by Pigmasks. It can be entered with the A Button and parked with the B Button.

In Mother 3

The Pork Bean is both faster than running and defeats any enemy that it runs into. It is first featured in Chapter 3, where Salsa and Fassad use this to reach Tazmily Village through the Candrum Underpass.

In Chapter 5

The Pork Bean receives an expanded role in Chapter 5, where Lucas rides one to traverse the expansive Highway. The first one Lucas is given by a Pigmask is crashed when it slips on a banana peel left by Fassad. The Pork Trooper, mistaking Lucas for the Pigmask Commander, allows Lucas to use his Pork Bean, before recognizing him and challenging him to a fight. This Pork Bean, however, is low on batteries, and must be recharged quickly after it is obtained. If the player does not do this, the Pork Bean eventually runs out of power and stops moving. To recharge the Pork Bean, a self-service Pork Bean Recharge Station is used, located on the northern area of the Highway. It is operated by placing the Pork Bean on a plate, and pressing the A Button at the proper time, which is indicated by a short tone. If the player does the recharge incorrectly, the Pork Bean will break down, rendering it unusable. Another broken Pork Bean can be found in the garbage dump along the Highway.

In Chapter 7

A Mr. Saturn shaped Pork Bean.

After rescuing the Mr. Saturn from the Pigmask Army, Lucas can ride a Mr. Saturn-shaped Pork Bean, which is functionally identical to the regular Pork Bean.

Memo description

"These are the vehicles the Pigmasks use for land travel. They move at four times the speed of walking."

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