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Pigmask Army

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The Pigmask Army is the antagonist organization in Mother 3. It is led by Porky and made up of the Pigmasks, all junior to him. Pigmasks have varying ranks and levels of power.

In Mother 3


Regular (Pink)

Main article: Pigmask

PigmaskOverworld.png The lowest of the ranks, regular Pigmasks are mostly assigned to doing grunt work, and aren't paid very well. They are also the weakest out of the four ranks.

Captain (Blue)

Main article: Pigmask Captain

PigmaskCaptainOverworld.png Pigmask Captains are the second lowest of the ranks, and have slightly more important tasks than regular Pigmasks do. Captains are mostly seen in the Chimera Laboratory.

Major (Green)

Main article: Pigmask Major

PigmaskMajorOverworld.png The Major rank is the second strongest of the Pigmasks encountered, being assigned on important missions and strong in combat. Pigmask Majors frequently accompany the Masked Man on missions.

Colonel (White)

Main article: Pigmask Colonel

PigmaskColonelOverworld.png Pigmask Colonels are the strongest and highest ranking of the Pigmasks, having high-security positions. They also have a 3% chance of dropping one of the items from Lucas's special set of armor- the Awesome Cloak.


Another variation are the Navy SQUEALs, Pigmasks with gear designed for underwater usage. Other Pigmasks may serve special roles and occasionally have distinctive uniforms, such as the Pigmask who drives the garbage truck in Chapter 5.


"Pigmask Army" Memo description

"The one called the king is in command of these troops."

"Pigmasks" Memo description

"A suspicious group that wears masks resembling pigs. They appear to be plotting something bad."

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  • The Pigmask Army seems to resemble the nazi army,with the salute,being led by a cruel dictator,and causing harm to the world. There is no logical reason on why Nintendo or any company involved would make them seem like this.
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