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Phase Distorter

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Clay model of a Phase Distorter from EarthBound

The Phase Distorter (Japanese: スペーストンネル Space Tunnel) is a type of machine found in EarthBound. They are made by Dr. Andonuts and Mr. Saturn, and can travel through space and time.


The Phase Distorter's appearance in EarthBound

Phase Distorter 1

The original Phase Distorter model, hijacked and promptly crashed by Pokey Minch. The wreckage of this model can be seen when Ness and his friends travel to the Cave of the Past in the Phase Distorter 2. If Ness checks the wreckage of this Phase Distorter, he can aquire a Horn of Life.

Phase Distorter 2

The second phase distorter is taken to the Cave of the Past in the present by Ness and his friends. This area could previously be accessed via an entrance in the Lost Underworld. In this area, there is a Mr. Saturn claiming to have been left there after being kidnapped by Pokey. This version of the Phase Distorter allows Ness to heal himself as well as his friends to maximum health and communicate with his father in order to save his game.

Phase Distorter 3

The third Phase Distorter is made by Dr. Andonuts soon after the second one is used by Ness and his friends. This model allows the user to travel through time. It can take Ness and his friends to the Cave of the Past and Giygas, but will destroy living creatures in the process. Because of this, Dr. Andonuts places the party's spirits into robots to allow them to survive the trip. This model retains the functions of the Phase Distorter 2, allowing Ness and his friends to heal themselves and save their game. It should be noted that saving one's game after making it to the Cave of the Past will result in an inability to access prior areas of the game, resulting in a file that is stuck after the point of no return. Players should be cautious about the choice to use the "Communicate" function to save their games.

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