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This article's subject will have a different name in-game if the player uses a non-default name.
PSI Rockin
PKキアイ PK Fighting Spirit
PSI Rockin γ in EarthBound
Ranks α (Alpha)
β (Beta)
γ (Gamma)
Ω (Omega)
Target All enemies
PSI category Attack
Appears in EarthBound
Learned by Ness

PSI Rockin is Ness's signature PSI attack, only appearing in EarthBound. It does a large amount of damage to all enemies, with the power varying between ranks. Ness's Nightmare and Giygas also know this attack.

The attack's name is determined by what is chosen as the player's "favorite thing" at the beginning of the game.

In EarthBound

Rank Effect PP Characters Level learned
α 40-120 points of damage to all enemies 10 Ness 8
β 90-270 points of damage to all enemies 14 Ness 22
γ 160-480 points of damage to all enemies 40 Ness 49
Ω 320-960 points of damage to all enemies 98 Ness 75
  • Rockin' has a chance to miss its target, based on the following calculation: (((2 * target's speed) - Ness's speed) / 5).

Enemies in EarthBound that can use this attack

PSI Rockin α

PSI Rockin β

PSI Rockin Ω


English Japanese
  • Rockin
  • Hammer
  • Love
  • Gifts
  • Slime
  • Gaming
  • Boxing
  • キアイ Fighting Spirit
  • ズバン Kapow
  • LOVE Love
  • ゴール Goal
  • チャンピオン Champion

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