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PSI Magnet

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PSI Magnet PSI-Magnet
サイマグネット PSI Magnet
PSI Magnet
PSI Magnet in Mother 3
Ranks α (Alpha)
Ω (Omega)
Target Enemy
PSI category Recovery
Appears in Mother
Mother 3
Super Smash Bros.
Learned by Ana
Ness (Smash Bros. only)
Lucas (Smash Bros. only)

PSI Magnet is a PSI technique, introduced in Mother. It siphons PP from an enemy, recovering the user's PP slightly. It requires no PP to use, so it is very helpful to use when you have no PP restoring items in your inventory.

In Mother

Rank Effect PP Characters Level learned
None Absorbs 10 PP from one enemy 0 Ana 7

In EarthBound

Rank Effect PP Characters Level learned
α Absorbs 2-8 PP from one enemy 0 Paula
Ω Absorbs 2-8 PP from all enemies 0 Paula

In Mother 3

Rank Effect PP Characters Level learned
α Drains approximately 2-8 PP from one enemy. 0 Kumatora 27
Ω Absorbs 2-8 PP from all enemies 0 Kumatora 45

In the Super Smash Bros. series

This is used by both Ness and Lucas as their down special attack. It forms a psychic field around the user that absorbs most energy-based attacks, replenishing the character's health to double of the damage that attack would have dealt. It also slows down the user if used in mid-air.


  • PSI Magnet is the only psychic move used by Ness and Lucas in the Super Smash Bros. series that isn't referred to by the word PK. It is also the only psychic move where Ness doesn't say its name in the series.
  • In Super Smash Bros., level 5 or higher CPUs will almost never attempt to use a Fire Flower on Ness, because of PSI Magnet. This is also the case with Fox and his Reflector.
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