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Onett Public Library

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Onett Public Library
オネット市立図書館 Onett Municipal Library

Onett Pubic Library
The Onett Public Library as seen in EarthBound.

Connected areas

The Onett Public Library is a location in EarthBound, serving a somewhat important role in the game's plot. It is located in the north of Onett, and is the first building south of Ness's house.

In EarthBound

The library contains two important items: the Town map and the Overcoming Shyness book. The town map can be obtained as soon as the library is accessible from the librarian at the front desk. The book on Overcoming Shyness is held by the Apple Kid in the beginning of the game, however, requiring Ness to save him at the Stonehenge Base. After saving him, however, the book can be found on a bookshelf upstairs, and is required in order to cure the Tenda tribe's shyness.

The characters in the library mostly serve a tutorial role, explaining various game mechanics like hotels, ATMs, phones, and Magic Butterflies.

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