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Nowhere Islands

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Artwork of the Nowhere Islands.

The Nowhere Islands (Japanese: ノーウェアとう Nowhere Islands) is a chain of islands, and is the main setting of Mother 3.

In Mother 3

The Nowhere Islands are where the majority of the game's characters reside. Under the Nowhere Islands, and approximately at the same size, there is a Dark Dragon who can grant the wishes of whoever pulls the Seven Needles, which are guarded by the Magypsies.

Memo description

"This won't be easy to believe at first... But it is said that deep in the earth below these islands lies an enormous sleeping dragon. It isn't the lovable Drago from the forest, and it isn't the poor, modified Mecha-Drago, either. It's the Dragon from the legend, or so they say."

Locations in Mother 3
Nowhere IslandsMt. OrianderTazmily VillageSunshine ForestDrago PlateauSunset CemeteryOsohe CastleDeath DesertRailwayFactoryMurasaki ForestClub TitibooHighwayClayman FactoryThunder TowerChimera LaboratoryMole Cricket HoleSnowcap MountainSaturn ValleyFire MountainSea Floor DungeonTanetane IslandArgilla PassNew Pork CityEmpire Porky Building

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