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ムのばしょ Place of Nothingness

Mu as it appears in EarthBound.

Connected areas

Mu (alternatively the Place of Emptiness) is a location in EarthBound, which lies in the southeastern part of Dalaam. It consists of a number of cliff platforms, which are connected via ropes, thus making it scalable. Here, Poo passes the final test of his training, where he has to clear his mind in order to learn the true meaning of "Mu". When he approaches Mu, a man stands in the way, and briefly tells him about his experience with Mu training, before teleporting away. Just after Poo initiates the trial by sitting down in a meditational position, a girl appears nearby and tells him that he immediately must stop with his training by order of his master. This is however false, and presumably a part of the test, as he just has to restart it if he leaves the location. When the actual trial begins, a visual transition occurs, making everything but Poo dark, probably to show that he has stopped focusing on his surroundings. Shortly after, the head of a ghost-like person appears, claiming that he is the spirit of Poo's ancient lineage. He successively starts to demolish Poo's body parts, always confirming if it is okay before doing it, which also leads to Poo's HP decreasing for every part that is exposed to the treatment. If Poo ever would say "no", he fails with the trial and must restart the entire procedure.

The spirit will start with breaking his legs, followed by tearing his arms off, then cutting his ears off, and lastly take his eyes. He then mentions how Poo only has his mind left, which he eventually will take as well. After that, Poo returns to reality, with the same visual appearance as before the test, and is told that he has completed the final trial of his training and must return to his master in the palace located in the northmost portion of Dalaam.


  • "Mu" is the Japanese word for "nothingness".
  • There is a girl who asks Poo if he is doing well with his "Moo training", and later says that she would like him to show his best barnyard impression.
    • In the Japanese version, she instead asks him about his "Eye training", as the Japanese word for "eye" is め me, being similar to the word "mu". She then mentions how she would like him to gaze at her with his improved eyes.[1]
  • In the Japanese version, the spirit crushes his eyeballs instead of taking them.


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