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Mr. Spoon

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Mr. Spoon
ライスボウル Ricebowl
Mr. Spoon
Mr. Spoon's sprite from EarthBound.
Gender Male
Appears in EarthBound
Residence Fourside
Occupation Dinosaur Museum researcher

Mr. Spoon is a character in EarthBound. He works at the Dinosaur Museum of Fourside. He is a fan of Venus.

Mr. Spoon informs Ness and company that there is something really interesting behind the back door of the Museum when he calls the Scaraba Cultural Museum in Summers to brag to Mr. Fork about it. However, once the party arrives to investigate, he demands an autograph of Venus before allowing them to enter the door.

During Venus's next show at the Topolla Theater, he can be seen climbing onto the stage to approach her before being removed by security. When the party brings him the signed banana peel he opens the door that leads to the Fourside sewers and the sanctuary of Magnet Hill. He claims he saw a huge, monster rat at the end of the sewers.

An illusion version of Mr. Spoon also appears in the Moonside counterpart of the Dinosaur Museum, talking about the bones on display in the standard Moonsidian manner of speech.

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