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Mother 3 Love Theme

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"MOTHER 3 Love Theme" as it is heard in Chapter 1.

The Mother 3 Love Theme is a reoccurring song in Mother 3, frequently associated with Hinawa and Lucas. It is a short and simple melody, and can be seen as a parallel to the Eight Melodies from Mother and EarthBound. A vocal version of the song sung by Taeko Onuki can be found on the Mother 3+ album. A remix of the song also appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and is available in the My Music for New Pork City.


Japanese Rōmaji English translation English lyrics

深い闇 遠い町
知らないことば ざわめく

迷い子の 悲しみを
拾い集めて たどろう

何処に いても
わたしは いのち あなたの

あたたかな ひとときと
あたたかな夢 見せたい

幼な子の 微笑みは
まぶたのなかに いまでも

呼べば 届く
きっと いつか振り向く

ただひとり 道を行く
小さきものに あかりを

ただひとり 道を行く
小さきものに あかりを

fukai yami tooi machi
shiranai kotoba zawameku

mayoigo no kanashimi o
hiroi atsumete tadorô

doko ni ite mo
watashi wa inochi, anata no

atataka na hitotoki to
atataka na yume misetai

osanago no hohoemi wa
mabuta no naka ni ima demo

yobeba todoku
kitto itsuka furimuku

tada hitori michi o yuku
chiisaki mono ni akari o

tada hitori michi o yuku
chiisaki mono ni akari o

Deep darkness, a distant town, murmurs of unknown words

Let's gather up the sadness of the lost child and set out

No matter where I am, I will still be your life

I want to show you a warm-hearted moment and a warm-hearted dream

Even now, I can see the little child's smile when I close my eyes

If I call out, I'm certain he'll turn around when my voice reaches him

Give light to the small one, who walks his path alone

Give light to the small one, who walks his path alone

In a distant town, as the dark grows deep,
Unfamiliar words resound, whispered and weak,

Let me heal the pain, drive away despair,
Lead this child who's lost his way; help him prepare.

While apart, understand,
I will live my life for you wherever I am.

It's my greatest wish, to provide for you,
Tender moments, sweetest dreams, love, warm, and true.


  • The Mother 3 Love Theme was created fairly late in development, at first specifically for "an extremely important scene", implied to be the final battle against the Masked Man. The battle was originally supposed to have the recurring Pigmask theme, although it was eventually decided that it was necessary to have a different melody that would stir up more emotional impact.[1]


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