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The Memo as seen in the Mother 3 fan translation.

The Memo (Japanese メモ Memo[1]) is a beta item that was planned to be in Mother 3.

In Mother 3

When playing the Mother 3 fan translation, the memo was restored and made accessible if the player presses the L and R buttons while going into the status screen. Inside, it is possible to read up on anything that appears in-game. As the story progresses, information is added to the memo. Some things, due to it being a beta feature, are not actually in the game or are dummied out, but appear in the memo, such as the "Healer" and "New Pork Island."

Memo description

"What you're reading right now. The history of things you've experienced are automatically recorded in here as you go along. Be sure to check it once in a while, you may just learn something new. Note that this Memo menu wasn't accessible in the Japanese version. The translation team made it accessible because it's so neat. Because this is a beta menu, many of the things mentioned here did not make it to the final version of the game."


Hacking subjects

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