Magic Butterfly

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A Magic Butterfly's sprite in EarthBound.

Magic Butterflies (Japanese: マジックバタフライ Magic Butterfly) appear in EarthBound and Mother 3. They restore 20 PP to everyone with PSI in the party. Magic Butterflies are common in EarthBound, frequently found roaming around areas. However, in Mother 3, they are more rare, and can be found either by examining certain objects, or roaming around an area. According to the memo in Mother 3, the relaxation effect is activating by touching the Magic Butterfly's wings. Certain Magic Butterflies will infinitely re-spawn in both games.

Memo description

"A butterfly harboring mysterious powers. Softly touching the wings will miraculously result in a sensation of comfort that revitalizes the spirit."


Magic Butterfly EB.png
A Magic Butterfly in EarthBound.
Magic Butterfly M3.png
A Magic Butterfly in Mother 3.

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