Lost Underworld

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Lost Underworld
ちてい たいりく The Under World

A full view of the Lost Underworld.

Connected areas
Lumine Hall
Fire Spring
Cave of the Past
Earth's Love Song

The Lost Underworld is a location in EarthBound. It is reached by going through a hole in Lumine Hall. The Lost Underworld is tremendous in size and seems untouched by time and modern innovation. It is home to dinosaur species and Tendas. Deep into the Lost Underworld, is Fire Spring, the last and eighth Your Sanctuary location.

In EarthBound

Concept art of the Lost Underworld, with a Chomposaur and a Wetnosaur towering over Ness and company.

The Lost Underworld first appears after defeating the Electro Specter and gaining the melody of Lumine Hall. It is used as the only exit from Lumine Hall. When Ness and his friends first go to the Lost Underworld, the player can notice that the sprites of the characters are noticeably smaller, emphasizing the largeness of the area. Inside, Ness will find dinosaurs, showing that the area is almost unknown and untouched by time. There are also geysers that shoot out red or blue water, healing HP and PP respectively. Talking to the Tenda villagers here will show that the dinosaurs are actually in "cages", although it appears that the Tendas are in the cages. Ness and his friends must reach the end to get to Fire Spring and record the eighth melody.


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Tenda shop

Name Price
Ultimate bat $2298
Holy fry pan $3480
Shiny coin $4000
Horn of life $1780
Mammoth burger $98
Luxury jerky $210
Bottle of DXwater $198


The hotel in the Lost Underworld charges $100 per person for a one-night stay.


  Enemy name Notes
ChomposaurOverworld.png Chomposaur 1/128 chance of dropping a Magic fry pan
EgoOrbOverworld.png Ego Orb 8/128 chance of dropping a Skip sandwich DX
WetnosaurOverworld.png Wetnosaur 2/128 chance of dropping a Luxury jerky


The Lost Underworld-esque sprites in Mother 3.
  • In Mother 3, when leaving Snowcap Mountain, Lucas and his party use small sprites that are similar to the ones used in the Lost Underworld.
  • There are unused small sprites for the Photo-Man and an Escargo Express deliveryman, which suggest that they may have been plans to have them appear in the Lost Underworld.

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