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Live House

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Live House
ライブハウス Live House

Live House
Ninten's party singing at the Live House.

Connected areas

The Live House is a building in Ellay. It requires a ticket to get in, which may be bought in the Ellay Department Store, or from a shady man outside, who claims the Department Store is sold out in order to raise the price. When Ninten's party sings here, Teddy will compliment their song, and then ask if they were the ones who beat up his lackeys. Regardless of Ninten's answer, Teddy is convinced it was him, and attacks him. When the battle ends in a tie, Teddy will kick Lloyd out of the party, saying he is weak and not fit for fighting. A woman at one of the tables offers Ninten a drink when spoken to, and if Ninten accepts it, he will be arrested for underage drinking. His weapon will then be confiscated, and can only be obtained again by buying it back from a shady man inside of the police station.

In the unreleased translation and Mother 1+2, after the game's ending, Teddy is shown to sing here almost daily. This is not shown in the original Japanese release, however.


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