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List of equippable items in EarthBound

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This is a list of equippable items in EarthBound. There are a total of four different slots on the equipment subscreen, where items with different properties are displayed when equipped by a character. The different types of items that are displayed in the slots are weapon, body, arms and other. If Poo equips any equipment other than his signature equipment, his stats are lowered rather than raised.


Every weapon increases the user's Offense when equipped. All four of the main party members have a type of weapon that only they are able to utilize, being Baseball bats for Ness, Frying pans for Paula, Guns for Jeff and a sword for Poo. There are also two additional weapon types that every character except Poo can use, being the Slingshot and the Yo-yo. Out of all weapons, the Cracked Bat has the lowest offense-increasing property, raising the user's offense by 4, while the Casey bat and the Gaia beam have the highest, raising the user's offense by 125.


Several types of defensive equipment can be equipped on the body: charms, pendants, and the Cloak of kings, which is unique to Poo.


Defensive items which can be equipped to the arms include bracelets, bands, and the Bracer of kings, which is also unique to Poo.


All miscellaneous defensive items are equipped to this slot, such as hats (for Ness and Jeff), ribbons (for Paula), coins (for Ness, Jeff, and Paula) and the Diadem of kings (for Poo).

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