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List of Mother 3 characters

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Main Party


Main article: Lucas

In the game's prologue, Lucas is visiting his grandfather, Alec, with his family. He enjoyed the visit a lot, often playing outside in the fresh mountain air with his twin brother and the Dragos. However, in the next chapter, he and his family get lost in the burning Sunshine Forest, and his mother ends up getting attacked and killed by a reconstructed Drago.

Lucas's Family


Main article: Boney

before Flint goes inside of Sunshine Forest to search for his family. He decides to take Boney along with him, who fights alongside him in battles.


Main article: Kumatora

She is a young woman residing on the Nowhere Islands. Kumatora was orphaned at a very young age and was raised by Magypsies, who have also assisted in her learning PSI.


He is an amateur thief residing in Tazmily Village.

Tazmily Villagers



Main article: Porky

Although not present or mentioned directly for most of the game, Porky's influence is seen through the Pigmask Army that emerges early on in the story. When the game skips forward several years into the future, it is revealed that the Nowhere Islands are controlled by "King P", although the actual Pigmask forces are commanded by the Fierce Pork Trooper, Fassad, and the Masked Man. Porky's presence is hinted at in Chapter 5, when the party goes through his playroom in Thunder Tower.

Masked Man

Main article: Masked Man

The Masked Man was first seen briefly at the end of Chapter 5, and was introduced in Chapter 7. He is the commander of the Pigmask Army, and is mainly controlled by Porky.


Main article: Fassad

In Chapter 3, he was making Salsa do his bidding, making him do tricks to distribute his Happy Boxes.

Other Antagonists


Other notable characters

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