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Warning! Spoiler warning: this article or section may contain major plot or ending details! Proceed with caution. Warning!
リダ Lida
Gender Male
Appears in Mother 3
First chapter Chapter 1
Residence Tazmily Village

Leder is a character in Mother 3 who reveals the history of the Nowhere Islands to Lucas, Kumatora, Duster and Boney.


Leder is an unusually tall man who appears to be mute in the first chapters. In Chapter 8, it is revealed that he is not mute but has simply chosen not to speak.


Leder was one of the few people who sailed on the white ship to the Nowhere Islands and founded Tazmily Village. When it was decided that everyone should have their mind erased in order to make a fresh start, they left Leder's memory intact in case their former knowledge is needed. Everyone also changed their names, with Leder's being based on the word "leader".


In Chapter 1, because of his height, Leder is responsible for ringing the village's alarm bell when Lighter's house catches fire. He can be found standing next to the bell tower in each of the first three chapters.

At some point in the three years before Chapter 4 takes place, Leder mysteriously disappears. He does not reappear until Chapter 8, when the party finds him in an old apartment complex buried in New Pork City's sewers. There, he tells them of the history of Tazmily Village. Soon afterwards, the party goes off to take on Porky.


The End of the World

Long ago, there existed a "world". A world different from what the people on these islands think of.

This "world" was incredibly big. More people lived on this world than there are grains of sand on these Nowhere Islands.

At some point, the world was destroyed. Naturally, it was humans who destroyed it.

Everyone had an inkling that it would happen at some point. And then it really did happen. And so, the world is no more.

The White Ship

Before the end of the world, a "White Ship" came to these islands. On it were the people of Tazmily.

Aboard the White Ship were those few who had managed to escape the world. These people still went by their previous names.

This White Ship plan had been set in place before the world was destroyed.

And, although they're part of the world, these Nowhere Islands are a special place.

They were the one place that would remain, even if the world was lost. The one and only place where people could survive.

And so the White Ship arrived at these islands.

The Dragon and the Magypsies

These islands are special because they harbor a dragon as big as the islands themselves.

Long, long ago, people lived together with the Dragon. But, at some point in time, they could no longer coexist.

So, using the seven Needles, the Dragon was placed into a long, long sleep by the ancestors of the Magypsy people.

Ever since, the Magypsies have guarded the Needles, to prevent the Dragon from waking until its power is truly needed.

Thus, until the time of its awakening, the Dragon continued to sleep, as the power of the earth itself.

So, because of the tremendous energy of the Dragon deep below, these islands were protected from the end of the world.

Those Who Lost Everything

Those aboard the White Ship feared another "End of the World" more than anything else.

They felt that the world's destruction was a direct result of the way they had lived.

The people of the White Ship discussed things at great length. They shared their wisdom and spoke with grave seriousness.

And then they arrived at their conclusion.

They decided to erase everyone's memories of the previous "world" and start their lives over with new rules and roles.

In short, everyone would play out the ideal "story" that they had come up with. That is what happened.

The people would restart their lives in a simple, peaceful village, in the kind of place they wished they had grown up in.

They would erase memories of everything: the world, their belongings, their rules...

...and then begin their new lives.

Everyone's old memories would be reset and replaced with the new story. And thus the village of Tazmily came to be.

However, it was necessary to record the fact that the memory replacement had taken place.

The Hummingbird Egg was the device used to store the memories of the White Ship people.

Wess and his son Duster, both playing thieves, were to take action should a dangerous situation occur.

Remember when they went to Osohe Castle? They went there to retrieve the secret of the "People of the White Ship".

There was one other thing: me. It was essential for someone to retain memory of the previous world and "keep watch".

I was the only one in Tazmily who wasn't given a role in the new "story".

The sound of my bell served as a "suggestion", to keep everyone's fabricated memories from reverting.

My name "Leder" comes from "Leader". No, that doesn't mean I was anyone special. I was just taller than the others.

I was selected because it would be easier for me to stand out. Being so tall, people would want to come see me.

And so I was given the role of revealing these secrets when the time truly called for it.

Now, about Osohe Castle. Apparently, a kingdom once existed on this island, centered around the king of Osohe.

But, when we arrived, its people were gone. It seems they had left, fearing the Dragon's eventual awakening.

Before boarding the White Ship, Princess Kumatora was an infant who had lost her mother and father.

Upon coming to these islands, she was given to the Magypsies to raise, and given the role of princess of Osohe Castle.

Wess and Duster being her retainers was another part of the fabricated story.

The Intruder Known as Porky

We had no idea how Tazmily Village would turn out. But things actually went rather well.

The White Ship people had fully taken to their new identities. They believed they had always lived together peacefully.

It was when a person by the name of Porky stumbled upon these islands that everything started to go amok.

It seems he used a "Time Distorter" machine to travel through time and space at will.

However, he was apparently shut out from all other times and spaces and tumbled into this era and these islands.

Even worse, he used his Time Distorter to bring many people from other eras here.

The Pigmasks, as well as everyone in New Pork City, were all brought here and brainwashed by Porky.

Porky seems to view these islands as his "toy box", with which he can do anything he wants.

He took animals apart and recombined them to make creepy, new "Chimeras".

As a child-like dictator, he did as he pleased, including building Thunder Tower and forming his own army.

Porky eventually learned the White Ship secret because of a traitor among the Magypsies.

The Dragon's Awakening

This traitor was Locria, the seventh Magypsy, and the only one you haven't met yet.

After Locria joined forces with Porky, Porky learned about the White Ship people and the sleeping Dragon.

Porky decided to pull the Needles to wake the Dragon, so he could use the power for himself.

The Dragon is the power of the earth. It's said that whoever pulls the sealing Needles will be the Dragon's master.

Only a select few can pull the Needles. Neither the Magypsies nor Porky have that capability.

Yet, the Needles are being pulled now. That means Porky is controlling someone who can control the Dragon's power!

We have to put a stop to Porky's antics. If we don't, it will spell the true end for everything this time.

For Porky, that might be the ultimate pleasure, but we can't allow it to happen.

We, the last handful of people there are, absolutely can't allow it to happen.

Lucas. You're a chosen one, with the ability to pull the Needles sealing the Dragon away.

You MUST pull the Dark Dragon's Needle with your own hands, and pass your heart on to the Dragon.

Let this be my one and only order to you as your "leader".

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