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The Highway (Japanese: ハイウェイ Highway) is a location in Mother 3. First accessed in Chapter 5, it connects Thunder Tower to the Candrum Underpass, Saturn Valley, and several other areas. Lucas comes here in search of an old Clayman containing the Egg of Light. There is a side quest here involving a mother mouse and her seven babies, which is required to get the Shield Snatcher. It is one of the few places in the game where a Pork Bean can be used. There are several charge stations for Pork Beans scattered around the highway, along with the Dur-T Café, a Pigmask selling explosives, and a small souvenir stand.

Shops and businesses

Pigmask's shop

Pigmask's shop
  Name Price Effect
PencilRocket.png Pencil Rocket 500 DP Bomb element damage to all enemies
Bomb.png Bomb 1000 DP Bomb element damage to all enemies
SuperBomb.png Super Bomb 2000 DP Bomb element damage to all enemies
NewYearsEveBomb.png New Year's Eve Bomb 3000 DP Drops enemy's HP to 1; could be a dud with no effect
SalwaterGun.png Saltwater Gun 3000 DP Damages mechanical and fire-based enemies


Chapter 5

  Enemy name Notes
FiercePorkTrooper1Overworld.png Fierce Pork Trooper Boss
Wound-UpRoadHogOverworld.png Wound-Up Road Hog None
ScrappedRobotOverworld.png Scrapped Robot None
RoadBlockOverworld.png Road Block Required in some locations
AtomicPowerRobotOverworld.png Atomic Power Robot None
WobblyRobotOverworld.png Wobbly Robot None
ReconstructedLionOverworld.png Reconstructed Lion None
RhinocerocketOverworld.png Rhinocerocket None
BrightSmileOverworld.png Bright Smile Appears rarely
ForlornJunkHeapOverworld.png Forlorn Junk Heap Boss

Path to Saturn Valley (Chapter 7)

  Enemy name Notes
FilthyAttackRoachOverworld.png Filthy Attack Roach None
NaughtyMushroomOverworld.png Naughty Mushroom None

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