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バレンタインみなと Valentine Harbor

The Harbor as it appears in Mother

Connected areas

The Harbor is a location in Mother, being located north of Ellay. It consists of one platform that stretches out towards the sea, and other platform segments that are placed alongside the coastline. A fisherman can be found on the furthermost point of the platform that lies a distance out in the water. When spoken to, he tells Ninten that he could listen to some of his fishing stories if he would like to, which leads to a short cutscene where Ninten's party's stats get fully healed. The fisherman then greets them good morning, and says that it would be nice if they could visit him again sometime, as he then wouldn't be quite as lonely; which likely implies that the party fell asleep during his story telling. Another harbor-like area can be found north of the Look-Out Tower.

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