Happy Happy Village

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Happy Happy Village
ハッピーハッピーむら Happy Happy Village

Happy Happy Village, painted blue.

Connected areas
Peaceful Rest Valley
Lilliput Steps

Happy Happy Village is a location in EarthBound, appearing on the other side of Peaceful Rest Valley. It is the third town that Ness visits. Ness comes to the area when he receives a message from Paula asking him to save her. The village is very peaceful, and at during the first time Ness came, was ruled by Mr. Carpainter under Happy-happyism. A villager will ask for donations from Ness, and if he declines, she will follow him throughout the village. Ness visits Mr. Carpainter during his visit, and decides to stay in the village for $50 and an agreement to convert to Happy-happyism. He then finds out Carpainter imprisoned Paula, and goes to fight him. There is a large building in the center of the village where he must be fought. Various Insane Cultists will appear in the village before Carpainter is defeated. Only relatives of Mr. Carpainter, with the exception of Ness, stay in the village. Before Carpainter is defeated, a mass of villagers will gather inside of the church in the center of the town, all chanting "Blue, Blue, Blue", or some variation thereof. Latter on in the game, the village will revert to its normal state, a non- monochrome blue color pallet, and the villagers will return to their normal outfits, and many will be apologetic.


Happy Happy Village is relatively small, but still is big enough for a drug store to be located inside of it. There is also Mr. Carpainter's house at the top and a shop where Ness can choose whether or not to pay for food as it runs on trust. If Ness chooses not to, he must fight a villager, called the Unassuming Local Guy, who spies on the shop because he, unlike many of the others living in the town, does not carry trust for the residents or other villagers. There is a large building in the middle, which is possibly a religious building for Happy-happyism, and the location of the Mani Mani statue until Carpainters defeat. There is also a cow painted blue inside a fenced in area to the south of the town. The jail where Paula is located is outside of the town, but is still in the general vicinity. There is a cave twords the top right of the town, which leads to Lilliput Steps.


Happy Happy Village Drugstore

Happy Happy Village Drugstore
Mr Fork.gif
Name Price Effect
Sand lot bat $98 Weapon for Ness
Fry pan $56 Weapon for Paula
Copper bracelet $349 Defensive equipment for everybody
Holmes hat $59 Defensive gear for Ness.
Ribbon $89 Defensive gear for Paula.

Happy Happy Village Drugstore
Old man EB.png
Name Price Effect
Cold remedy $22 Cures a cold
Refreshing herb $80 Cures Most Status Ailments
Croissant $18 Heals about 60 HP
Skip sandwich $38 Restores about 6 HP;
walking speed is greatly boosted for about 10 seconds.
Lucky sandwich $128 Restores a varying amount of HP.
Can of fruit juice $4 Restores about 6 HP.
Cup of coffee $6 Restores about 12 HP.

Happy Happy Village self-service stand

Happy Happy Village self-service stand
Name Price Effect
Banana $5 Restores 22 HP
Fresh egg $12 Restores 84 HP
After a while, it will hatch into a Chick


  Enemy name Notes
UnassumingLocalGuyOverworld.png Unassuming Local Guy One; near the egg basket; 16/128 chance of dropping a Toothbrush
InsaneCultistOverworld.png Insane Cultist 1/128 chance of dropping a PSI caramel
CarpainterOverworld.png Mr. Carpainter Boss

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