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Guns are used as weapons in Mother and EarthBound, and are used by Lloyd and Jeff. Many of Jeff's guns can only be obtained by fixing broken items.

In Mother

The guns in Mother are equippable items that only can be utilized by Lloyd. There are only two different guns that can be obtained throughout the game, with different Offense increasing values.

Stun Gun

Stun Gun.png

The Stun Gun (ショックガン Shock Gun) is the weaker gun, thus also being obtainable earlier in the game, and increases Lloyd's offense by 15 when equipped. It can be purchased for $300 in the department store of Merrysville.

Its Japanese name also matches that of the Stun gun from EarthBound.

In-game description

"Lloyd seems to be able to USE it."

Air Gun


The Air Gun (エアガン Air Gun) is Lloyd's better offense-affecting equipment, increasing his offense by 46 when equipped. It can be purchased for $1400 in the drug store of Youngtown.

Its Japanese name matches that of the Toy air gun from EarthBound.

In-game description

"A strong weapon, but only Lloyd seems to be able to USE it."

In EarthBound

Guns in EarthBound are used only by Jeff. Some of them can only be found as broken items, and must be repaired by Jeff.

List of guns in EarthBound
Name Japanese Offense Price Where to obtain

Pop gun バンバンガン
Bang-bang gun
+16 Snow Wood Boarding House (locker)

Stun gun ショックガン
Shock gun
+24 Brick Road Maze (present)

Toy air gun エアガン
Air gun
+32 $215 Threed

Magnum air gun スーパーエアガン
Super air gun
+36 Repair Broken air gun

Zip gun アストロマシンガン
Astro machine gun
+40 $425 Dusty Dunes Desert

Laser gun レーザービーム
Laser beam
+48 Repair Broken laser

Hyper beam ハイパービーム
Hyper beam
+58 $850 Fourside

Double beam ダブルビーム
Double beam
+66 Repair Broken gadget

Crusher beam クラッシュビーム
Crash beam
+72 $1150 Scaraban desert

Spectrum beam にじいろビーム
Spectrum beam
+78 Repair Broken cannon

Death ray デスビーム
Death beam
+90 Tenda Village (trash can)

Baddest beam さいあくビーム
Baddest beam
+98 Repair Broken harmonica

Moon beam gun ムーンビーム
Moon beam
+110 Fire Spring (present)

Gaia beam ガイアビーム
Gaia beam
+125 Repair Broken antenna


Artwork of the Pop gun from EarthBound.

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