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Grand Department Store

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Grand Department Store
モノトリーデパート Monotoly Department Store

Grand Department Store
The Grand Department Store as seen in EarthBound.

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The Grand Department Store[1] (alternatively Fourside Grand)[2] is a department store in Fourside. It is extremely large, and even the clerks working there get lost.[2] The variety of items in the store are praised, but their prices are often criticized.[3] After the store re-opens, if Ness chooses to shop there, Paula will be kidnapped, and a blackout will occur. All of the people in the store vanish during the blackout, and the store becomes flooded with enemies, including the Dept. Store Spook on the top floor.

After the Spook is defeated and the blackout ends, it is later blamed on the mouse found on the first floor.[4]


This shop specializes in puddings and pendants!
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Burger shop
Name Price
Can of fruit juice $4
Bread roll $6
Bag of fries $8
Hamburger $14
Double burger $24
Name Price
Boiled egg $9
Bread roll $12
Croissant $18
Banana $5
Picnic lunch $24
Name Price
Ketchup packet $2
Sugar packet $3
Tin of Cocoa $4
Carton of cream $4
Sprig of parsley $2
Jar of hot sauce $3
Salt packet $2
Arms dealer
Name Price
Hyper beam $850
Bomb $149
Super bomb $399
Bottle rocket $29
Big bottle rocket $139
Name Price
Cold remedy $22
Refreshing herb $80
Protein drink $38
Fry pan $56
Name Price
Deluxe fry pan $598
Chef's fry pan $1198
Silver bracelet $599
Gold bracelet $2799
Insecticide spray $19
Toothbrush $3
Protractor $2
Name Price
Sand lot bat $98
Minor league bat $399
Mr. Baseball bat $498
Baseball cap $19
Name Price
Trick yo-yo $998
Coin of slumber $1500
Coin of defense $2000
Red ribbon $179
Defense ribbon $389
Teddy bear $178


  Enemy name Notes
PresentEarthbound.png Musica Blackout only; 1/128 chance of dropping a Sudden guts pill
PresentEarthbound.png Mystical Record Blackout only; 2/128 chance of dropping a Pizza
PresentEarthbound.png Scalding Coffee Cup Blackout only; 64/128 chance of dropping a Cup of coffee
DeptStoreSpookOverview.png Dept. Store Spook Boss; Blackout only


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