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Frying pan

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Frying pans are used as weapons in all of the Mother games, primarily in the first and second games. They are mainly used by Ana and Paula, but can also be utilized by Kumatora. Their main purpose is to increase a character's Offense.

In Mother

The frying pans in Mother are equippable items that only can be used by Ana. There is a total of three different frying pans that can be obtained throughout the game, with varying Offense increasing values.

Frying Pan


The Frying Pan (フライパン Frying Pan) is the weakest of the frying pans, increasing Ana's offense with 8 when equipped. It can be purchased for $300 in the drug store of Snowman.

Its Japanese name matches that of the Fry pan from EarthBound.

In-game description

"Ana can USE this weapon best."

Non-stick Pan


The Non-stick Pan, abbreviated in-game to NonstickPan, (いいフライパン Good Frying Pan) increases Ana's offense by 16 when equipped. It can be purchased for $700 in the drug store of Youngtown.

Its Japanese name matches that of the Deluxe fry pan from EarthBound.

In-game description

"A good weapon for Ana, with no messy clean up."

Iron Skillet


The Iron Skillet, abbreviated in-game to IronSkillet, (とびきりのフライパン Extraordinary Frying Pan) is Ana's best offense-affecting equipment, increasing her offense by 36. It can only be achieved through a present in the maze-like caves of Mt. Itoi. Ninten's and Teddy's most offense-increasing items, Hank's Bat and the Katana, respectively, are coincidentally also located there.

In-game description

"Ana can USE this heavy metal pan to rock strong enemies."

In EarthBound

List of frying pans in EarthBound
Name Japanese Offense Price Other effects Where to find

Fry pan フライパン
Fry pan
+10 $56 Twoson
Happy Happy Village

Thick fry pan あつめのフライパン
Thick fry pan
+20 $198 Threed
Dusty Dunes Desert

Deluxe fry pan いいフライパン
Good fry pan
+30 $598 Dusty Dunes Desert

Chef's fry pan シェフのフライパン
Chef's fry pan
+40 $1198 Fourside

Non-stick frypan たのしいフライパン
Fun fry pan
+50 $1490 Winters

French fry pan すてきなフライパン
Lovely fry pan
+60 $1790 Scaraban desert

Magic fry pan ふしぎなフライパン
Miracle fry pan
+50 N/A Guts+100
Misses 1/4 of the time
Dropped by Chomposaurs (1/128 chance)

Holy fry pan てんしのフライパン
Angel's fry pan
+80 $3480 Lost Underworld

In Mother 3

List of frying pans in Mother 3
Name Japanese Offense Price Additional effects Where to buy

FakeFryingPan.png Fake Frying Pan ニセフライパン
Fake Frying Pan
+26 18000 DP Changes Kumatora's combo instrument New Pork City
A frying pan that is clearly fake. Offense +26.


Kumatora's regular combo sound effect.
Kumatora's sound effect when holding the Fake Frying Pan.
  • The only frying pan to appear in Mother 3 is sold at a theater in New Pork City, as a reference to the frying pans from the games before it. Kumatora is the only one able to equip the Fake Frying Pan.
  • The Fake Frying Pan has a separate attack sound effect from Kumatora's usual combo sound effects.


Frying Pan.png
Art of the Frying Pan from Mother

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