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Map of FoggyLand.

FoggyLand (Japanese: フォギーランド FoggyLand) is a region in EarthBound and is the home country of one of Ness's traveling companions, Jeff. It is located north of Eagleland and Chommo. FoggyLand is the second region the player visits in EarthBound.


FoggyLand is the centermost region of the world of EarthBound. It's geography matches that of Europe.

FoggyLand is located in the northern part of the world between Eagleland and Chommo. The climate in FoggyLand varies depending on location. In northern FoggyLand is Winters, the climate there is very cold and snow constantly falls. Most of this region consists of a forest and hills, however there is also a large lake located in the middle. Compared to most other places, the population of Winters is rather small, with most of its citizens being students attending the school, and a group of people searching for a mysterious creature in the lake.

Southern FoggyLand is named Summers, in contrast to northern FoggyLand, it is warm region and a popular tourist location. Summers is a large city which is located by the sea, and has a very popular beach. The sea is what seperates southern FoggyLand from the southwestern part of Chommo.

FoggyLand is based off of the continent of Europe. Winters has been confirmed to be based on England by Shigesato Itoi. Summers can be seen as one of the southern European countries near the Mediterranean Sea, in particular the in-game dialogue implies Summers is based off of France.


FoggyLand cobtains two contries which both have many popular points of interest.

Map Area name Description
Winters.png Winters Winters is the snow-capped country in the north. There is a large boarding school by the name of Snow Wood Boarding House. South of the school is a large lake where the sea monster, Tessie lives under the water. Across the lake is the Brick Road dungeon, and not far after is Rainy Circle. On the other side of Rainy Circle is Stonehenge and Stonehenge base, as well as Dr. Andonuts's lab where he works on many inventions.
Summers.png Summers To the south of Winters is the beautiful city of Summers and right next to it, the port town of Toto. Summers is a famous tourist destination with a large beach. Most facilities are high-end and are expensive. Across the sea is the region of Chommo.

Points of interest


Map Area name Description
Snow Wood Boarding House.png Snow Wood Boarding House The Snow Wood Boarding House is a school in the north of Winters and is where Jeff attends. This is where Jeff recieved a call from Paula for her and Ness to be rescued, so with Tony and Maxwell's help he escapes in the middle of the night.
LakeTess.png Lake Tess Lake Tess is a large lake in Winters which separates the northern half from the southern half. A large monster named Tessie lives in the lake. Jeff must ride on Tessie's back to cross to reach Dr. Andonuts's Lab, and later Ness and his friends cross to reach Stonehenge.
Brick Road dungeon.png Brick Road Maze Brick Road Maze is a man made dungeon created by Brick Road. The dungeon is a large cave with small boulders scattered creating a maze. On the way to Dr. Andonuts's Lab, Jeff must navigate through the maze.
Stonehenge Outside.png Stonehenge Stonehenge is a large monument of stones based off of the real-life Stonehenge. Below the monument is a large base in which Giygas's henchmen have taken over and turned it into their own.


Map Area name Description
Stoic Club.png Stoic Club The Stoic Club is found in the town and requires a reservation to enter. Inside plays a "show" on stage, which is actually a rock where people stare at it and philosophy. Inside is the Magic cake vendor, who after spoken to, decides to return to her business of making and selling Magic Cakes.
Toto.png Toto Toto is the small port town located next to the city of Summers. Toto is very small and only has s few houses and shops. Here a sailor will take Ness and his friends on a ship across the sea to go to Scaraba, after his wife returns to selling Magic Cakes.


One of the eight sanctuaries is found in FoggyLand.

Map Area name Description
Rainy Circle sanctuary.png Rainy Circle Rainy Circle is the fourth Sanctuary, it is in Winters north of Dr. Andonuts's lab. Jeff first passes through here, however he cannot battle the guardian. The guardian is the Shrooom!.

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