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Fire Spring

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Fire Spring
ファイアースプリング Fire Spring

Fire Spring sanctuary.png
Fire Spring as it appears in EarthBound.

Connected areas
Lost Underworld

Fire Spring is the eighth and final sanctuary location in EarthBound, found near the Lost Underworld. It is guarded by Carbon Dog, and, when enough damage is inflicted on it, Carbon Dog transforms into Diamond Dog.


  • Speed capsule
  • Bag of dragonite
  • Cherub's band
  • Horn of life
  • Moon beam gun


Fire Spring's dungeon.
Sprite Enemy name Notes
FireEnemyOverworld.png Evil Elemental 2/128 chance of dropping a Luxury jerky
FireEnemyOverworld.png Major Psychic Psycho 1/128 chance of dropping a Star pendant
FireEnemyOverworld.png Psychic Psycho 4/128 chance of dropping a PSI caramel
FireEnemyOverworld.png Soul Consuming Flame 2/128 chance of dropping a Meteotite
YourSanctuaryBossOverworld.png Carbon Dog Boss; turns into Diamond Dog
YourSanctuaryBossOverworld.png Diamond Dog Second form of Carbon Dog

Your Sanctuary locations
Giant Step
Fire Spring Lilliput Steps
Lumine Hall Sound Stone Milky Well
Pink Cloud Rainy Circle
Magnet Hill

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