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ヨクバ Yokuba
Fassad's sprite in Mother 3
Gender Male
Appears in Mother 3
First chapter Chapter 1
Residence New Pork City

Fassad is a character in Mother 3. He is an important member of the Pigmask Army.

In Mother 3

In Chapter 3, he was making Salsa do his bidding, making him do tricks to distribute his Happy Boxes. He continually abuses Salsa, giving him shocks if he doesn't fulfill his tasks on time (And even if he does). Fassad makes another appearance in Chapter 4. Where he is giving a speech about Happy Boxes, which have become hugely successful in the village.

Later in the game, after Lucas is unmasked by the Pork Trooper, Fassad chases the party to the top of Thunder Tower and ordered the Pigmasks to destroy the tower. Unfortunately for him, he slips on a banana peel and falls from the tower's top. After a long absence, Fassad makes another appearance in Fire Mountain. When Lucas and co. try to pull the needle located there, Fassad appears as a cyborg. Unable to talk, he uses an Interpreter to communicate with others. After being defeated, Fassad retreats and Lucas pulls the needle.

Fassad makes his last appearance in New Pork City. After Leder tells Lucas the secret of Tazmily Village, an upgraded Fassad blocks the sewers' exit. When defeated, Fassad tells the party that he is just an element in Porky's game and falls in the sewer drain. The interpreter then flies away, asking the party not to follow it.

Other identity

Locria's house, pre Chapter 8.

In Chapter 8, while venturing up the Empire Porky Building, Lucas and co. come upon a Magypsy's shell. They find bananas around the shell, Fassad's horns on a mount, and Fassad's clothing on the bed. Lucas also meets a mouse in a room next to the Magypsy shell, who says that Locria had a creepy "nwehehehe" laugh. This shows that Fassad is none other than Locria in disguise. This also explains his ability to use PK Starstorm in battle.


Fassad's Japanese name, Yokuba, is derived from the term "yokubari", meaning ambition or greed. The name Fassad, used in the Mother 3 fan translation, is derived from both the Arabic term "fassad", meaning corruption, as well as being a play on the word "façade", which is appropriate to how the character covers his cruelty with a pleasant demeanor to the people of Tazmily. The idea to use the name Fassad for the fan translation is credited to Ben Cocchiaro.[1]


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