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Enrich Flavor

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Enrich Flavor in EarthBound

Enrich Flavor is a character in EarthBound. He is the original owner of the Monotoli building in Fourside and only appears in the aftergame once the player beats Giygas.

In EarthBound

During the events of EarthBound, Geldegarde Monotoli has taken over the Enrich Flavor building and set himself as the mayor of Fourside under the influence of Giygas. Some citizens claimed that Monotoli had done many good deeds for the city when he took over, although some were suspicious of him due to his power. After defeating the Mani-Mani Statue, Monotoli returns to his right mind and later stops running the building, although Enrich Flavor is nowhere to be seen until Giygas is beaten. Once the player does, Monotoli is no longer the owner of the building and instead became the elevator man, while Enrich Flavor was returned to the ownership position, and the building is known as the "Enrich Flavor building". The player can talk to Enrich Flavor who says that the player brought Fourside back to life.

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