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Map of Eagleland.

Eagleland (Japanese: イーグルランド EagleLand) is a region in EarthBound, and also the home country of Ness and Paula. Eagleland is the first and main region in the EarthBound, the majority of the game takes place in Eagleland, mostly during the first half of the game.

Eagleland is the largest region in EarthBound and features the most settlements. The main cities in Eagleland are names after numbers in the order of which they are visited: Onett, Twoson, Threed, and Fourside, the only exception to this pattern is Happy Happy Village.


Eagleland is the westernmost region of the world of EarthBound. It's geography matches that of North America.

Eagleland is located in the far west of the world, and is the largest region. Eagleland's climate is mostly temperate. Most of Eagleland is grasslands and hills, in addition there are also valleys, rivers, and a large desert. Eagleland is the most populated region in the game, the region features many cities large and small. Compared to America in EarthBound Beginnings, Eagleland's climate appears to be warmer and dryer, by comparison it consists of more hills and grasslands and fewer rivers and lakes.

Similar to how EarthBound Beginnings is clearly stated as being set in America, Eagleland is a parody of the United States of America. Eagleland is geographically shaped like the continent of North America, most of its features are based off of the common features seen in the United States, which include geographically with various climates, and also in the form of man-made features such as entertainment. The name also is a likely reference to the bald eagle being a prominent symbol of America.


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Population centers in Eagleland include Onett, Twoson, Threed, Fourside, and Happy Happy Village as the 5 main towns. Several geographical features also include the Peaceful Rest Valley, a desert and Grapefruit Falls.


Map Town name Description
Onett layout.png Onett Onett is the first town and the hometown of Ness as well his rival who lives next door, Porky Minch. Onett consists of a downtown featuring several business facilities, the Beak Point in the far west, and the Giant Step. At the start of the game a meteor lands on the mountain in the north marking the beginning Ness's adventure. During the early parts of the game, Ness is tasked to put a stop to The Sharks, the local ruffians causing trouble. This grants him access to the first of his sanctuaries, the Giant Step. Finally towards the end of the game, Onett was the first town to be caught in the invasion by Giygas, causing all of the residents to lock themselves in their homes. Onett returns to normal after Giygas's defeat.
Twoson.png Twoson Twoson is the second town visited in the game and is where Paula lives. Twoson's main attractions are Burglin Park and the Chaos Theater, a large department store is also located north of Burglin Park. During the course of the game's events, Paula has been kidnapped and it is suspected to have been by the shady owner of Burglin Park, Everdred, who reveals she was actually kidnapped by the Happy Happyists. After Paula is rescued, Everdred gives Ness the Wad of bills of which he uses to free the Runaway Five of their dept after they were cheated by the owner, as thanks they take Ness and Paula to Threed via their bus.
HappyHappyVillage.png Happy Happy Village Happy Happy Village is a small town located past Peaceful Rest Valley. The town has been taken over by followers of a corrupt religion named Happy Happyism led by Mr. Carpainter, who painted the town blue and kidnapped Paula in order to appoint her as the high priestess. Ness defeats Mr. Carpainter who reveals he was actually under the influence of Giygas due to the Mani Mani Statue, he gives Ness the key to free Paula and disbands Happy Happyism and then the town is returned to normal. Near town is the Lilliput Steps which is Ness's second Sanctuary.
ZombieThreed.png Threed Threed is located past Twoson. Unique features in this town include the circus in the middle of town, and the cemetary in the north east. When Ness and Paula arrive in Threed, the town has been overrun by zombie and has become dangerous. After following a strange woman into the hotel, they are ambushed and locked underground in the cemetary, until Jeff arrives in the Sky Runner to set them free. The learn that the zombie are a result of Master Belch, so after trapping all the zombie in the circus tent using zombie paper, they set out north to defeat Master Belch, and the town is restored to the way it used to be.
Fourside.png Fourside Fourside is one of the largest cities in Eagleland and is based on New York City. The city features many attractions, such as Topolla Theater, a dinosaur museum, a cafe, a very large department store, and the Monotoli Building. Ness's first task is to free the Runaway Five who were once again cheated by the theater owner, afterwards Paula is kidnapped in the department store and Ness and Jeff set out to find her. Near the cafe, Everdred is lying severely injured and tells Ness to check behind the counter, which takes them to Moonside, an illusionary reversed version of Fourside created by the Mani-Mani Statue. Later they storm the Monotoli Building to rescue Paula, and later return to traverse the sewers to reach the fifth Sanctuary.

Areas of interest

Map Area name Description
Beak Point.png Beak Point Beak Point is an optional location west of Onett. A house can be bought for $7500, which contains a Photo-man location and a magazine of My Secret Life. It doesn't serve a purpose in the story.
Peaceful Rest Valley.png Peaceful Rest Valley Peaceful Rest Valley is located between Twoson and Happy Happy Village. It is a winding path aligned with hills and rivers. Ness traverses through here on his way to Happy Happy Village to rescue Paula, who was kidnapped by the Happy Happyists.
GrapefruitFallsMap.png Grapefruit Falls Grapefruit Falls is a path that connects Threed to Saturn Valley and Belch's Base. Ness, Paula and Jeff walk through here to reach Saturn Valley, then they must wait 3 minutes behind the waterfall to enter Belch's Base.
SaturnValleyEB.png Saturn Valley Saturn Valley is a small town where mysterious creatures named the Mr. Saturn live. The Mt. Saturn were kidnapped by Master Belch, so Ness defeats Master Belch to free them. Later the team return to use the Phase Distortor to travel to the past.
Belch's Base.png Belch's Base Belch's Base is the headquarters of Master Belch, a major henchmen of Giygas, and where the Mr. Saturn were taken. It is a factory where Fly Honey is made. Ness and his friends must storm the factory to defeat Master Belch, and free the Mr. Saturn and the town of Threed.
DustyDunesDesert.png Dusty Dunes Desert Dusty Dunes Desert is a vast desert located between Threed and Fourside. The Gold Mine and Monkey Caves are located here. The team first visits due to a traffic jam preventing the bus from reaching Fourside, then they must clear the Gold Mine from the Guardian Diggers preventing the minors from progressing. Finally they return to go through the Monkey Caves to have Ness learn how to Teleport.
Monkey Caves The Monkey Caves is located in Dusty Dunes Desert. It is where the monkeys live along with Talah Rama. The team need to traverse through the caves in order to find the Gourmet Yoghurt Dispenser, then Talah Rama allows Ness to learn Teleport α from a monkey.


Four of the eight sanctuaries are located in Eagleland.

Map Area name Description
Giant Step sanctuary.png Giant Step Giant Step is the first Sanctuary location, it is located north of Onett. The dungeon is a cave that leads to the top of the hill where a giant footprint containing the first melody is found. It is guarded by the Titanic Ant.
Lilliput Steps sanctuary.png Lilliput Steps Lilliput Steps is the second Sanctuary location, which is near Happy Happy Village. The sanctuary is a cave leading to the set of steps at the end, its guardian is the Mondo Mole.
Milky Well sanctuary.png Milky Well Milky Well is the third Sanctuary location, it is outside of Saturn Valley. Most of it is a cave with a short portion being outside. The guardian is the Trillionage Sprout.
Magnet Hill sanctuary.png Magnet Hill Magnet Hill is the fifth Sanctuary location, its location is in Fourside. The sanctuary is the sewer system below Fourside, which leads to a small alley where the melody and Carrot Key is found. It is guarded by the Plague Rat of Doom.

In the Super Smash Bros. series

The stage selection screen in Super Smash Bros. Melee which mentions Eagleland for both EarthBound stages.

Eagleland is mentioned in the stage prefix for Onett and Fourside in Super Smash Bros. Melee. As a result, Eagleland is featured in any Super Smash Bros. game with Onett or Fourside, as both those cities are located in Eagleland.

Several trophies in Super Smash Bros. 4 mention Eagleland as well, those being Ness's Classic Mode trophy in both versions, and Porky Minch's trophy in the Wii U version of the game.


  • Most believe the whole world of EarthBound is based off of America, however this is only true for Eagleland. As for the other regions, in an interview it is stated that the whole world of EarthBound is supposed to have an international feel, take Poo to be a reason.
  • Eagleland is the only region in EarthBound whose name is mentioned in-game.

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