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Dur-T Café

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Dur-T Café
ハイウェイパーキング Highway Parking

Dur-T Café
Dur-T Café's Parking area.

Nowhere Islands
Connected areas
Parking Area: Dur-T Cafe

The Dur-T Café is a small café in Mother 3, located on the Highway. It is shown to be a very filthy, run down café, as gum is stuck to some of the tables, and there is visible dirt on the walls and counters. If Lucas's party attempts to run inside the café, he will be warned to stop running, as to not kick up mold spores. A jukebox, located in the northeastern corner of the café, can play 5 different songs, for a price of 1 DP. Outside of the café is a small parking area, where a long line can usually be seen leading up to the café's bathroom. Despite the café's filthy appearance, a souvenir shop is located directly outside.


The jukebox inside the café can play a randomly selected song out of this list:

  • 153 - White (Owner's Recommendation)
  • 154 - Fairies (Neckbeard's Recommend.)
  • 155 - Resolve (Gum Guy's Recommend.)
  • 156 - Blessing (Skinhead's Recommendation)
  • 157 - Adolescence (Toilet Cow's Rec.)

Souvenir shop

Souvenir shop
  Name Price Effect
{{{Size}}} Handy Yo-yo 650 DP Weapon for Lucas, Kumatora, and Duster
{{{Size}}} Souvenir Dress 1400 DP Equipment for Kumatora
{{{Size}}} Taurus Bracelet 1200 DP Equipment for everyone
{{{Size}}} Bag of Pork Chips 28 DP Restores 50 HP
{{{Size}}} Cup of Pork Noodles 400 DP Restores 80 HP
{{{Size}}} Fresh Mint 16 DP Recovers from nausia
SecretHerb.png Secret Herb 600 DP Recovers most status ailments

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