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Duncan's Factory

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Duncan's Factory
ダンカンこうじょう Duncan Factory

Duncans Factory.png
The interior of Duncan's Factory.

Connected areas

Duncan's Factory is a location in EarthBound Beginnings. The factory was founded by Goldrich Duncan in 1969[1], and is known for producing large Bottle Rockets. In Mother, Ninten and Lloyd must go there to fire a giant Bottle Rocket at a boulder blocking the train tracks to the Union Station. The factory itself is very large and has a complicated layout. Many robotic enemies are found inside.

In Mother

Duncan's Factory was first mentioned in Mother by Lloyd, saying that they produce large Bottle Rockets. Ninten and Lloyd decide to go to the factory to see the giant rocket in action. On the way, Ninten finds an old Pass. He decides to keep it just in case. The two continue on their way to the factory, and when they approach it, they find a Stray Dog. Ninten, reading the dog's thoughts, can tell that the Pass he found was old and expired, and that they aren't wanted. The dog attacks, but Ninten and Lloyd act as a challenge for it, and falls to loss. The two continue into the factory, and eventually get to the final room. Inside, they find many small launch pads, one of which has a rocket on it. Lloyd fires the rocket, and the rocket destroys the boulder blocking the path to the Union Station.

For clarity, the player cannot name a character Duncan.



  Enemy name Notes
Bomber.gif Bomber May drop a Bomb
DrDistorto.gif Dr.Distorto None
FireBall.gif Fire Ball None
OldRobot.gif Old Robot None
Scrapper.gif Scrapper May drop a Laser Beam
StrayDog.gif Stray Dog Mini Boss


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