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The Drago (Japanese: ドラゴ Drago) are a species of dinosaur-like creatures appearing in Mother 3.


Drago are huge, green reptilian creatures resembling Tyrannosaurus Rexes. They have small eyes and stubby arms. The Drago have large, red plates protruding from the skin along their spine. Their skin is dotted with yellow marks. The Drago are shown to have large, sharp fangs and claws on their feet.


Despite their intimidating appearance, the Drago are shown to be very gentle and playful. They are herbivores.

In Mother 3

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The Drago first appear in the Prologue. The twins, Lucas and Claus, play with a group of Drago living next to Alec's house on Mt. Oriander.

In Chapter 1, the Pigmask Army are shown to have manipulated the father Drago from the Prologue into a bionic chimera, Mecha-Drago. The Drago, in its rage, kills Hinawa. Claus attemps to avenge his mother using Flint's knife and PSI learned from the Magypsies, but fails and is thrown off of the Drago Plateau. Flint foresaw this battle and went on a search for Claus along with Alec. The two find Claus's shoes, and later the Mecha-Drago. Using the knife made from the Drago's fang, Flint was able to lower its defenses and eventually defeat it. Flint was about to finish it off, but the baby Drago defended its father. Flint is then warned by Alec that if he kills the parent he will make the baby go through the same thing the twins did.

In Chapter 3, the mother and child Drago appear to save Kumatora, Wess, and Salsa from the Pigmask Army before disappearing for the rest of the game. A frozen Drago as well as a Drago skeleton appear in Chapter 7 at the Chimera Lab.

Memo description

"Herbivores that live in the forest. They have calm and friendly dispositions. Lucas and Claus have played in the forest with the Dragos since they were very young."


Male Drago
A male Drago in Mother 3
Peeking Drago
A curious male Drago in Mother 3
Female Drago
A female Drago relaxing in Mother 3.


  • If Lucas runs into the left side of the Drago in the prologue, the Drago will fall onto him, and he will not be able to move for a small amount of time.
  • In the Super Smash Bros. series, one of Lucas's alternate costumes has a sprite of a baby Drago on it.
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