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Dr. Andonuts

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Dr. Andonuts
アンドナッツはかせ Dr. Andonuts
Dr Andonuts.png
A figure of Dr. Andonuts
Gender Male
Appears in EarthBound
Mother 3
First chapter Chapter 7
Residence Winters
Relatives Jeff (son)
Occupation Scientist

Dr Andonuts is a scientist. He is the father of Jeff, who is one of the people accompanying Ness in EarthBound. He is a supporting character in both EarthBound and Mother 3.

In EarthBound

DrAndonuts.gif Dr. Andonuts is first encountered in the lab in Winters when the player controls Jeff. He gives the player the Sky Runner so they can rescue their friends. Much later in the game, he creates the Phase Distorter with the help of the Mr. Saturns and Apple Kid, unfortunately it gets stolen by Pokey Minch. He later creates another Phase Disorter, the Phase Distorter 2, using Zexonyte that Ness obtains from the meteor in Onett.

Shortly after using the new Phase Distorter, he invents the Phase Distorter 3, which can travel in time as well as travel through space; however, it destroys living matter, so before the fight with Giygas, he transfers the bodies of the party into robots, with their bodies placed at Saturn Valley. He is one of the people who helped the Mr. Saturns pray for Ness and his friends. During the ending, Jeff goes home with his father, hoping to learn more from him.

In Mother 3

Dr. Andonuts Mother 3.png Dr. Andonuts reappears in Mother 3, working unwillingly under Porky doing Chimera experiments. He is first hinted at in the game when a Pigmask tries to remember the name of the scientist who came up with the Clayman system.

In Chapter 7

The player first finds Dr. Andonuts on the Chimera Laboratory hidden in a trash can, though any attempts to talk with him will result on him not getting out of his hiding place. Later, when Lucas is being attacked by the Ultimate Chimera he gathers enough courage to tell him the weakness of the Ultimate Chimera, though not before suggesting to use Boney as bait. After the Ultimate Chimera is defeated by Salsa, he helps Lucas access Doria's Needle by giving him his choice of a chimera to drain the pond water covering the Needle.

In Chapter 8

Dr. Andonuts later appears alongside most of the Tazmily villagers at the 100th floor of the Empire Porky Building, telling Porky that he refuses to help him anymore. Deep underground below the Empire Porky Building, after Lucas's party defeats Porky, Dr. Andonuts explains the functions of his invention, the Absolutely Safe Capsule; he claims that once it is sealed it cannot be opened for all eternity, and is absolutely safe not only for Porky inside, but for those outside as well. He wonders if it is proper to feel sorry for Porky or not, then rolls around the capsule hoping to give him some entertainment.


  • Dr. Andonuts shares some similarities with Lloyd. Both have white hair and wear glasses, both enjoy inventing new gadgets, and both have a tendency to hide in trash cans.


Dr Andonuts EB64.jpg
Dr. Andonuts as he would have appeared in EarthBound 64.

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